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Apple iPhone 5s User Reviews

Best in the market! 5.0 stars
very nice product
Posted by Anand Singh on 03-04-2019 at
Super! 5.0 stars
I’m fully satisfied to buy this phone from Flipkart
Posted by Anil Kumar on 30-03-2019 at
Worst experience ever! 1.0 stars
Very Bad phone
Posted by RAMVEER KUMAR on 05-03-2019 at
iPhone 5s sold in big sale is fake! Not recommended at all 1.0 stars
The battery life turned out to be very poor in a few months. On taking the phone to Apple service center, the center found that this is a fake product with more features/components of the phone not working.Discovery for me: Flipkart products ARE fake even if bought under the 'flipkart assured' assurance
Posted by Shailesh Gupta on 05-01-2019 at
Just wow! 5.0 stars
Very good
Posted by Gyan Prakash Mishra on 29-12-2018 at
Quality is not upto the mark.. 1.0 stars
I never heard that iPhone does hang like android phones until I got this iPhone. It does not respond often and you need to lock and unlock it to use it again. Also it gets heated very much while using.
Posted by Amit Kundu on 29-12-2018 at
Awesome Phone 5.0 stars
Fastest phone ever. Don't miss the apple experience guys. I don't think I have to write so many lines in explaining how awesome it is. Just go for it if your pocket allows you :)
Posted by Rahul Chhabra on 26-12-2018 at
waiting to buy 5.0 stars
iphone 5s amazing phone..superb userfriendly .. waiting to buy on jan 1st 2014.. was waiting from this WSRETAIL seller .. plz dont close this product .... NO ONE CAN BEAT THIS PRODUCT ..APPLE PRODUCTS R VERY VERY SMART ..
Posted by Sreedhar Gv on 24-12-2018 at
Premium but Costly 4.0 stars
The phone is premium to hold and its very light (112g). The Gold color is awesome and IOS7 makes the phone even better. Battery will last for a day if you use the phone on WiFi, if you are using 3G then it would be 10 hrs max.

The phone charging is superfast, as the name suggest its a lightning charger, other than this the phone has all of APPLE's propitiatory features. The Touch ID is good but i don't find it amazing and its not worth the reason for the phone's cost.

The phone is insanely ...
Posted by Vijay C.M on 24-12-2018 at
Great Deal!! 5.0 stars
Rs.20499 with 10% cash back, super awesome deal!!! landed cost around 18750 cannot be matched by anyone. phone looks good. checked for product registration and full 365 days warranty available unlike few who have complained that they received used product. Manufacturing date is also of November 15. But was not update to latest version of IOS. Got it upgraded to IOS 9.2 immediately on startup.

Delivered well before time. packing was OK,I would say. I think flipkart was relying more on the ...
Posted by Reena Sinha on 24-12-2018 at