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Apple iPhone 6s User Reviews

Worthless 1.0 stars
Heating problem.. Very disappointed with the product... Will not recommend at all
Posted by Piyush Srivastav on 30-03-2019 at
Wonderful 4.0 stars
It's very nice product
Posted by narendra on 19-02-2019 at
Awesome 5.0 stars
ios 13 is not coming to this 6s. support closed to this 6s model and still seller in india selling for high cost. Jago grahak jago... open your eyes do not purchase 6s still in 2019
Posted by B V S NARAYANA on 04-02-2019 at
I am an apple brand addict * Love * 5.0 stars
This iPhone is the 9th iPhone to the Apple Collection after : 1 x iPhone 5(Silver), 2 x iPhone 5s(Space Grey, Silver), 2 x iPhone SE(Gold, Rose Gold), 1 x iPhone 6(Silver),1 x iPhone 7(Gold) & 1 x iPhone XS 256 GB(Gold) and 13th Apple product in the collection after Apple Series Watch 4 Cellular Space Grey, 2 x Macbook Air and Apple Airpods. So overall i am an apple brand addict, no doubt the quality is super when it comes to Apple. Highly Recommended Brand & Products!!
Posted by Praveen Swami on 02-02-2019 at
Simply awesome 5.0 stars
Posted by Mayank Agarwal on 24-01-2019 at
Perfect product! 5.0 stars
Posted by Manas Kumar Roul on 21-01-2019 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
battery is very poor but display is awesome....
Posted by Abinash Yadav on 18-01-2019 at
Good quality product 4.0 stars
I have got this thing for 21000/-. Good at this price but battery backup is not upto the mark. Rest all good. Nice purchase.
Posted by Astitva Bhatia on 18-01-2019 at
Superb ! 5.0 stars
i like this product too much and very good quality
Posted by Ranbir Singh on 15-01-2019 at
Awesome 5.0 stars
Initially what we need to understand is before purchasing the product we need to be more clear about our requirements. When it comes to this product iPhone is an iPhone. But even I admit that I don’t see that passion, innovation now. Steve Jobs was an inventory, great visionary. My suggestion is don’t spend too much on mobile phones now a days and it really doesn’t worth. I upgraded from iPhone 6 to 6s after great realisation. Spend your money wisely.
Posted by Sunil Reddy on 14-01-2019 at