Apple iPhone 7 Plus User Faqs

32 gb enough??
Posted by harpreet kaur at
ip 7 plush is it 4g lite
Why would you even think that? A phone priced this high will definitely support 4g.
Posted by Anonymous at
32 gb is enough or must go for 128gb?
If you use to much of data in videos and images than 32gb is not enough u should go got 128GB will be a better choice
Posted by Anonymous at
how's it low light photo shoot?
Far better than samsung. You’ll love it
Posted by Anonymous at
how many MAH battery?
2900 mah
Posted by Shahid Khan at
I phone 7 plus is DSLR ?
Not DSLR But slightly like that.
Posted by Shivaprasad Patne at
Does it support 5G or lte+ in future
Posted by Vasantha Shanmugam at
Is there any slot to expand memory?
Posted by Anonymous at
This colour is in glossy black or mat finished
Glossy black
Posted by Anonymous at
How many Sim slots
Single sim
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