Apple iPhone XS User Faqs

which is best phone? iphone X or iphone xs?
Considering very little price gap between those two, i would say iPhone XS is much better option.
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Which Gb ram
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does its battery better then iphone x?
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Is it have face unlock
Yes, superb once
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how many slots
Only one slot but there is an e-sim option along with regular sim , you can ask the service to enable e-sim
Posted by Abishek Pai at
iphone is waterproof
Yes, it is 100% Waterproof. In order to remove all dirt and oil I use Lemon & Chandan Detergent and soak for 15 minutes. Chandan makes gold color look more attractive on iPhone XS. Highly Recommended.
Posted by Praveen Swami at
Does it supports otg?
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does it have 128gb memory?
Nope, it’s only available in 64gb,256gb &512gb.
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finger print available??
There is no Finger-print reader available. Apple has replaced Touch-id with Face ID and therefore now you open the phone just by looking at it.
Posted by Dhananjay Baijal at
is this phone contains front flash