Apple iPhone XS Max User Faqs

is it water proof of water resistent
Posted by KARAN HEMNANI at
everything is ok but .....Does it come with cup holder ?honest replies only ..
Yes..not only cup holder, if required it converts into microwave..
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Which phone is best Iphone xs max or Samsung note 9 ??
m currently using both cell phones note 9 and xs max , if you want to go for features then go for note 9 , if you just want to click some good pics and show your good status symbol then go fir xs max
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What is the ramif this device?
Ram is 4 GB, but pls don't compare to Android devices as apple designs its own Chipset and OS. So what others do in 6gb apple can easily pull off in 4gb.
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is it support 5g sim???? pls answer immediately
Yes. It’s Gigabit compatible.
Posted by Mahir Dandona at
Remote control access
Yes u can control many things remotely like ur anti burglar alarms or your xbox.
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it's 4g vo lte
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how much is secured from hackers compare to Samsung galaxy note 9????
10 out 10
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this phone having charging issue is it true?
Posted by Utkarsh Patel at
it has wireless charging
It has wireless charging facility but need to buy a separate wireless charger as it is not included in the box
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