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Apple iPhone XS User Reviews

Terrific 5.0 stars
Posted by Jay Gohil on 09-10-2018 at
Brilliant 5.0 stars
good .. phone . very fast delivery.
Posted by sunil shetty on 08-10-2018 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
This review comes from someone who hates big phones and loves android and iOS both. So hope I’m clear that this review is not biased.

Before deciding to give all my hard earned savings to Apple, I wasn’t sure whether I should go for this or a standard previous gen iPhone 7/8 or maybe an Android. To be honest, the price of this XS Is truly excess! Even a month ago I would have never imagined that someday I’d be buying an iPhone 1 lakh wala phone as my daily driver. I still have my iPhone SE t...
Posted by ARUNAVA MALO on 07-10-2018 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
It's been a whole day and still phone is on. Battery is really improved. And Camera quality is really Awesome. But price is really not worth it. I recommend it 5 star because of its Appearance. Good phone.
Posted by Aman Azad on 02-10-2018 at
Fair 3.0 stars
Its perfect bt insanely overpriced.. Bt m luving it so much..display is gorgeous/sound is good too/ camera is better compared to iphone x/ battery life isnt that great..
One thing i dont like is Flipkart's sucks big time.. They took 4 days to deliver 1 lac rupees product..which is bad.
Maximum time for delivery should be 2 days.. Must deliver the product this expensive with in 1-2 days..
2/5 star for delivery
4/5 star for the phone
Posted by Lovepreet Singh on 02-10-2018 at
Great product 5.0 stars
Mind blowing delivery team. Received the phone one day before the expected delivery date. And that too before the apple store delivery’s ????
And the delivery guy was such a nice person.

Now time for the phone.
Not worth upgrading if you have iPhoneX, i have it but can’t stop myself form buy new iphones on launch so yeah. But if you have any phone other then iPhoneX you should buy if possible. Live your life as happy as possible guys. ????????
Posted by Yash Chhoker on 28-09-2018 at