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Asus 8z User Reviews

Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
I ordered my 8z on 7th March at 12:01pm. The product was delivered to me on 8th march at 2pm. Fast enough! PROS: Camera is decent. I don't use it much. Not the best but good enough for me. Compact phone which fits easily in my hand. I can cover 90% of screen area with my thumb. Performance is top notch. Games like BGMI, CoD are smooth like butter. Display is vibrant. Crisp and clear. Horizon silver looks lovely. CONS: The phone heats up every now and then especially on charging. ...
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 30-11--0001 at
Great compact phone 5.0 stars
I'm coming from an Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 which I had used for 2.5 years. It still works fine, but I wanted an upgrade, so went for the Horizon Silver model. This is my third Asus phone in a row. Display: Fantastic, crisp display. The sAMOLED screen coupled with 120hz refresh is a joy to look at and use. The colors are great, but I usually have yellow light filter enabled. Its not as tall or wide as my previous phone, but easy to hold and convenient for my thumb. Its a flat display, not cu...
Posted by Zion Sandeep on 30-11--0001 at
Worth every penny 5.0 stars
4.9⭐ out of 5⭐ .......,. Pocket powerhouse!..... The dual speaker system is the best I've ever used on a phone, that Cirrus Logic amp really does wonders on this tiny phone! Snapdragon 888 is extremely fast and this 120hz display is a joy to use as well. As a fan of more compact smartphones, this one ticks all the boxes and is the perfect size. Not too small and still extremely compact. Cameras are extremely well tuned and the Sony lenses are top notch, ultra-wide here is the only one that d...
Posted by Saurabh Kumar on 30-11--0001 at
Awesome 5.0 stars
It is a pocket bomb go for it. Perfect size perfect battery perfect processor perfect camera exceptional build quality 3.5 mm jack what ise do you require easily pocketable with all this definitely prefer this over iPhone is 2022 which was launched yesterday
Posted by UMESH on 30-11--0001 at
Worth the money 4.0 stars
Upgraded to Android 12 manually through official website. If you want compact size then don't expect long battery life Everything is a balance Display : super premium Looks : very elegant and compact Rear camera : very capable Selfie camera : average Battery : a lot better after upgrading to Android 12 Signal quality : top notch Accesories : very difficult to get Touch response : feather touch Heating issue : not much UI : 99% stock Android and very smooth Value for money : 100%
Posted by S Lalith Chandra on 30-11--0001 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
*Good News* *Important note - Read everyone* For all the people who are getting poor battery life and having heating issue - Asus has released a new Android 12 website in Asus India website on 31march and the battery life is just wow. Getting almost 6.5 - 7hours screen on time after update which was hardly 4.5hrs earlier. Heating also reduced to an extent. Fingerprint works better too. *Guide to update to Android 12 manually. 1. Google "Asus 8z India" 2. Open the Asus website from google s...
Posted by Andrew Symonds on 30-11--0001 at
Good quality product 4.0 stars
This is perfect screen size for me ! Camera is awesome if you know manual photo/video graphy Color science of Asus is far better than BBK electronics subsidiaries. Clean UI almost stock Android. . Although bit higher priced for its launch in 2022 but other brands will cost 70+k for this size !! So I opted this
Posted by Ravi Utkarsh on 30-11--0001 at
Fabulous! 5.0 stars
This is a REAL enthusiast's phone. Though regular people will like as well but the only the power user can really make complete use of the phone and it's features. Writing a short review now, will update later. I come from OnePlus 3 (5.5years old), hence stock UI and good liberty in terms of camera software and OS modding was my first preference. This phone for me is a camera first, phone later. I was looking for RAW shooting capabilities from all three cameras available on this phone, full...
Posted by Kamal Kharat on 30-11--0001 at
Fair 3.0 stars
The phone is good for day to day use. Not for gaming. And battery life sucks. If you are a light user or a heavy user this phone won't come till end of the day. It will come for 6 to 7 hours even if you use for calling and messaging only. Not recommended at all for normal users as well.
Posted by santosh patta on 30-11--0001 at
Good Solid Android Phone 4.0 stars
ASUS is Trusted brand with legacy of hardware innovation and this phone is one good example of the same. Software looks a bit buggy still some inconsistency i came across last few days while using it nothing major but looks like this will get fixed in upcoming updates. I will recommend this phone.
Posted by Abhijeet Churmure on 30-11--0001 at