Asus ZenFone Max M1 - ZB556KL User Faqs

How long will the market come in
very soon
Posted by SAKET SWARAJ at
dual 4g sim support at a time
no. only one sim 4g at a time
Posted by Anonymous at
how much time battery working?
1.5 day
Posted by Bharath Raj at
iys works on volte or lte?
one sim volte and another is LTE.
Posted by Judhajit Sadhukhan at
realme 2perfect or àsus zenfone max 1
Asus Zenfone max m1 is best than realme 2
Posted by Abhishek Nilange at
Software updates available or not?
till now no update
Posted by Flipkart User at
how long it will take to get 100% charged?
Posted by Bharath Raj at
duel 4g?both jio works?
Posted by Anonymous at
Camera quality is awesome or good or bad?
It's not awesome but you can say it's good...
Posted by Anonymous at
dual sim 4g support or 2nd sim 2g/3g only
No there is no dual 4G standby support.
Posted by Ayush Saxena at