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BlackBerry KEY2 LE User Reviews

Good! 4.0 stars
The purchased phone is Good!
Posted by Gewis Engineering India Pvt. Ltd on 04-04-2019 at
Worst product by Amazon 1.0 stars
Key 2 hangs verious time. Battery life only 5 hours , you have to charge 3 times if you used internet. When I try to return product they denied and there is no reason indicated in questionar
Posted by manoj kumar on 26-02-2019 at
I like it 5.0 stars
Great phone
Posted by Arup Kumar on 23-02-2019 at
Not up to the mark 3.0 stars
This is my first BB phone i have wver bought. I liked the key board very much. Build quality was ok. Fits perfectly in hand.
But I never auch low quality hardware. Just in a month time it started fading color back blue color turned green.
Performance not impressive. Amazon app itself not opening. Not in browser toi. One note app not opening. I wanted to retuen but Amazon said no we can't. I was about buy Key2 but dropped the idea. Planning to sell this.

Think thrice before buying.
Posted by Surya on 22-11-2018 at
Great phone 4.0 stars
Really like the product, great build quality , multimedia is below average because of the aspect ratio but otherwise it's a fantastic device specially for work(great display quality too) SD 636 works great and thumbs up for the simple stock android feel .I am currently using the key2 le for work and s8 plus for multimedia and games . Except multimedia its at par with the s8 plus (just a liltle slower obviously because of 636 and 835 processor). Battery life average one day of medium usage .
Posted by Saahil on 19-11-2018 at
Exceeds expectations 5.0 stars
Worth the year long wait. Pure business Phone and the best multi tasking device available in the market. Exceeds expectations.
Posted by Amazon Customer on 08-11-2018 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
Excellent smartphone with great security feature.
Posted by AZMAT KAMAL on 07-11-2018 at
Buy it if you love it 5.0 stars
1 star for the lack of "keypad touch" feature? Well obviously, one should buy before knowing the specs! It's like giving 1 star to the ?10 dairymilk chocolate because it lacks the fruit and nuts. What?!
Anyways, the phone is designed beautifully. The camera is as always shi-t-ty but that has always been part of the package. The feel of the phone is quite premium and it looks great in the hand. Also, the little tweeks in the android are very efficient. It ticks all the boxes for practicality and that is the reason I have bought a blackberry.
Posted by StarLord on 06-11-2018 at
Don 1.0 stars
Ram is terrible , camera is worst. Feel so cheap in hand , bought it cause of nostalgia but trust me don
Posted by Lavnaya Soni on 04-11-2018 at
Blackberry keytwo LE 5.0 stars
Everything was good as it was described but I got only one booklet/user guide while according to my knowledge there should be more paper guides & yesterday suddenly my phone became too much hot during charge but after that now it's OK. Can you tell me why the phone became too hot? Was it imported? How can I get the warranty?
Posted by Rahul on 02-11-2018 at