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BlackBerry KEY2 User Reviews

A rugged beauty! 5.0 stars
What a phone! It's been 9 months now when I bought it. No issues what so ever. While commuting to work it fell off the mobile holder on my bike at 80 kms/hr on the highway due to a pothole. Thought it was over. Collected the phone and nothing was broken except a few scratches. It's built like a tank and there's no problem in the software too. I just wish it had the Blackberry OS and had all the android apps running on it.
Posted by niladri bose on 03-04-2019 at
Its all together a different league 4.0 stars
Writing a review after two months of regular and heavy use. Its a different feel altogether, cant compare with othee android phones, only issue I faced is the issue with the android OS, rest is great.Pros- solid build- eye catcher- Very quick charging with the charger provided- keypad Scrolling is brilliant- responsive- dtek is brilliantCons- has all problem that an android phone gives ( should hv continued with the blackberry OS - it was far superior)- I am a heavy user, battery life I am getting is only 10-12 hr max.- minor heating issues- the phone app option that displays over other apps gets stuck regularly, had to deactivate that.
Posted by Sudheesh on 21-03-2019 at
Verry Bad experience from 1.0 stars
Wastes money
Posted by Sk abu Taher on 22-11-2018 at
One of the Best in Blackberry 5.0 stars
The keyboard and the battery life is better than keyone.
Phone build quality is superb. LIGHTER THAN KEYONE.
Posted by Abhay Pathania on 22-11-2018 at
Don't buy this prudect not better both problem under phone 1.0 stars
Don't buy this prudect not better both problem under phone please do not buy any one.........
Not working three finger privecy
Posted by faizan khan on 18-11-2018 at
Great Product 4.0 stars
Good design and perfect for business man but its too expensive compare with similar model of business series phone.
Posted by N-Scope TechnoLab LLP on 16-11-2018 at
Software is not at all good, even though it has 6gb ram still it's hanging 1.0 stars
Product is hanging
Posted by Lakshmi narasimha on 15-11-2018 at
Productivity Business Phone 4.0 stars
If you are looking for a pure play business phone, look no further. For the longest time I had been missing the Key Board on my smartphones. Blackberry sticking to its own OS was the only drawback.
Now, with Android, its back in the market and how.
The phones keypad is its best feature. 52 highspeed shortcuts, scrolling on the keypad, the BB Hub, sleek design and polished looks. To top it all, BB productivity and security combined with Android flexibility. Something I had been waiting for so long.
Battery life is good and with my using it almost 6 to 8 hrs a day, its not been painful thus far, but also because I am strictly using it for work and reading and not media.
Some of the security features are still difficult to get around and a cpl of features do not work as advertised, thats why the 1 star less. But otherwise, I think its time for BB to get back on its feet.
Posted by Pratik on 10-11-2018 at
Not that good 3.0 stars
Not a great phone in today's technology. Where you can get best configuration in under 40k. This is very basic.
Posted by SID on 09-11-2018 at
Nice phone 5.0 stars
The excellent
Posted by Suru Bhonde on 09-11-2018 at