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BlackBerry KEY2 User Reviews

Best one among androids 5.0 stars
Only reason, in today's times, anyone buys blackberry is for security reasons. So I would suggest that blackberry should come up with its "own" secure and hack-proof OS as done by Apple (iOS); and do not depend or lend any other operating system for its product/s to run and sell.

Other impressive feature is ofcourse its keyboard. Manual physical keyboard is faster and anyone seeing you at distance using this keyboard will remain astonished. I have faced only one problem till now with the physical keyboard is that pdf-format files can NOT be scrolled up or down with this keyboard. For scrolling you have to touch the screen. Rest at every place physical keyboard can scroll pages up and down smoothly.

Next aspect related to phone I would share is that whenever you take out of your pocket this phone blackberry key2 you feel proud because it is brand.

But ofcourse till date apple iPhone rules market because of its uniqueness.

One thing I do not understand why phones like apple, blackberry or samsung sell their cellphones or any electronics at higher price in INDIA!
India is still poor country because of their politicians.
Posted by Dr. Mohammad Arif on 01-11-2018 at
Great Mobile 5.0 stars
I bought this mobile for keyboard. It's awesome. No problems up until now.battery life is great,once fully charged I can upto 32 hours and it may look little bit overpriced but worth every penny.
Posted by Sandeep on 31-10-2018 at
Disappointed 2.0 stars
Posted by Rumi on 30-10-2018 at
BlackBerry is BlackBerry 5.0 stars
Nice mobile and futures
Posted by Abhayanand Shastri on 26-10-2018 at
Good Phone but... 3.0 stars
Within 2 weeks of purchase, the USB cable stopped working. Unfortunately there is no proper Blackberry service centre in my city. Person seated in the service centre was unaware that they service Blackberry phone. Had a painful wait for 8 days to get a replacement. Scared to own this delicate phone thinking what may happen next. Disposed off in the next week. Good phone but very limited service.
Posted by Vishal M. on 23-10-2018 at
specs 4.0 stars
satisfied except batter life
Posted by Dr. S.Arvind on 23-10-2018 at
Proximity sensor is not working on Day 1: defective hardware 1.0 stars
I got this new phone last week.The proximity sensor is not working. During a call, mute button get pressed by ear/face, so other person cannot hear me. Tried to find out solution online, but no success. I don't know whom to contact for repairs/ replacement. Feel sad to buy a blackberry, poor hardware. There are multiple complaints about proximity sensor in the net. BB should have corrected this hardware/ software problem. It is an essential requirement, without which I cannot keep using this phone.
Please tell me whom should I contact for defective phone?
Posted by Ajay Garg on 23-10-2018 at
Awesome looking BB!!! Just loving it!!! 5.0 stars
I am writing this review after using iphone7 plus for mor than an year.
1. Awesome looks and build quality(except the space bar,which is bit loose),definitely a head turner.
2.Display is good but definitely not upto iPhone level.
3.Good battery life
4.Call quality and network reception is too good,better than iphone
5.light weight,easy to hold and type
6.Software performance is good but not that much fluid as iphone.but no lags at all.
7. BB hub is good to organise all our mails and other things
8.Speed key is just awesome to switch between apps.
1.front camera- just average, rear camera-good in bright light but just average in low light condition.
2.Headphone and sound quality is not so good.

If you want a qwerty keypad with BB security and looks just go for it.remember this phone is for serious people and not for gaming and multimedia people.
Posted by sureshkumar on 22-10-2018 at
Over all good performance 5.0 stars
Build quality is good.
Posted by Narpat on 22-10-2018 at
Only buy if you're a BB fan 4.0 stars
Go for it if you are a black berry fan

Otherwise there are plenty of options out there in the market within this price range.
Posted by Piyush Kumar Singh on 18-10-2018 at