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Google Pixel 3 User Reviews

Worth every penny 5.0 stars
The camera is absolutely stunning. Battery performance is good after turning off the notifications. Processor is very fast and very easy to use the mobile. Switched from iPhone to Android for the first time and not regretting at all.
Posted by Deepak Varadam on 24-03-2019 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
Excellent 👌👌👌
Posted by Vijay Kumar on 24-03-2019 at
Hated it! 1.0 stars
PWM issueDisplay flickers and cause eye strain and headaches. Avoid this phone if you are sensitive to pwm flickering
Posted by Nitin Unnarkat on 17-03-2019 at
Great product 5.0 stars
Highlight of this phone is camera. No other phone can beat photos taken from pixel phones.Battery is average.No perfomance lag that I noticed.Display is good. Can cause eye strain if u watch more duration.
Posted by Aby Michael on 10-03-2019 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
Without fail the best android in market and the only phone which gives iPhone XS run for its money
Posted by Arjun Anand on 10-03-2019 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
I love the phone I've always wanted this one *^* some people would say that battery is less but it actually optimizes the app and doesn't let it drain ❤️
Posted by Biswajeet Kumar on 05-03-2019 at
Best in the World !! :) 5.0 stars
I have been using the Pixel 3 for over 3 months now. The Camera and battery are excellent. Camera is the easily the best in the world :) Battery is just rated at 2900 mAh. But it is amazing even after streaming videos, once I only saw a 2\\% drop while streaming live video for over 20 minutes with speaker on, similar experience with WhatsApp HD audio call as well. The phone has hanged only twice in over 4 months usage, but that had to do more with the apps. I opted for the pixel 3 version over ...
Posted by Praveen Mohanraj on 02-03-2019 at
Worst experience ever! 1.0 stars
Update - 2 Months Later- Finally Sold it. Goolge took the handset a third time to check network issues and couldn't find anything wrong. Shared videos and images with Google too. Yet no acknowledgement. Took a Rs 35,000 hit and sold it. Flipkart's return policy is a joke too. Update - 1 Month Later - Handset been with them twice and they refused to acknowledge the network issue. Absolutely do not buy!!...
Posted by Kevin Juneja on 11-02-2019 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
It's my second pixel device.
Posted by Dhwanil Parikh on 09-02-2019 at
Just wow! 5.0 stars
If you are looking for best android experience and best camera in a smart phone..just go for this phone. Camera quality is such that you can just upload without any edit.
Posted by Sandeep Sharma on 04-02-2019 at