Google Pixel 3 XL User Faqs

How is the camera quality?
�Not sure how to specifically answer this question, but fantastic :-) even better than Pixel 2. It's a 12.2mp camera on the back, and both front cameras are 8mp
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Does the front camera have LED flash?
�No, but it does have a software flash (flashes the screen white right as it takes a picture)
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Does this phone support Hindi language
�Yes indeed
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is this phone a dual sim with one physical sim and other esim?
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who is better samsung galaxy s9 plus vs pixel3 xl
i am biased about Pixel.
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what is IP rating of Google pixel 3 xl ?
It's IP68.
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Does this phone support dual 4G i.e. can I use 2 Jio SIMs simultaneously?
Nope, single SIM �
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does this phone support esim ? how to activate it?
this phone support esim but qr code needs to get generate. only Airtel and Jio support this facility.
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Does the Phone support face unlock feature?
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who is better poco f1 or pixel ?is 92k worth spending?
depends on ur preference, if u like cheap plastic phone which u want to change within a year and no interest in software and artificial beautified photos go ahead with Poco F1..
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