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Google Pixel 3a XL User Reviews

Classy product 5.0 stars
Wow!Best camera phone!I am using it from last 3 days.I purchased it because of it's best camera and I am very happy.If you are using Jio sim with continues active internet with call, chats apps use, video, audio, reading, photo click, browsing, Excel sheet work, mail etc(in short regular task) the battery backup is good and it's giving 20+ hours and on wifi it is giving more backup.Smooth processor working at time with multiple apps.It has polycarbonate body but still looks like premiu...
Posted by Prashant Gite on 01-01-1970 at
Perfect product! 5.0 stars
Lost my Pixel 2 XL. So had to buy a new phone and went for Pixel 3a XL. Dimensions are almost the same as my old phone.The performance of the phone is great! (I am not a gamer). The only thing that reminds me of the slower processor is when I go to wallpaper settings and I dont find Live Wallpapers.I prefer two front-facing speakers. But the speakers on the 3a XL is very good and is stereo. The earpiece acts a speaker although not as loud as the bottom speaker.Also I am used to seeing t...
Posted by Mohul George on 01-01-1970 at
Great product 5.0 stars
switch from picel 2 to 3a xl and its nice
Posted by Sajal Sachdeva on 01-01-1970 at
Highly recommended 5.0 stars
Excellent mobile at this price point from Google. *Good battery*Fantastic all round camera, capable to take good pictures at any condition.*Superb display for this price range.If you are not a game intensive user you can blindly go for it for your normal day to day routine.
Posted by Sivaprasath Dharmaraj on 01-01-1970 at
Terrible product 1.0 stars
Superb mobile
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 01-01-1970 at
Utterly Disappointed 1.0 stars
Ver very bad old model phone.Old aspect ratio. Bit slow. Buy only if you want a very good camera.
Posted by Sandeep Narayan on 01-01-1970 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
The experience of Google product is different.... Worth every penny... Great battery, good camera, smooth performance, you will get best feel of music thru head phone is just super... I have only one thing to say📱just SUPERB.......
Posted by Sujith S on 01-01-1970 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
Good product from Google, nice Camera
Posted by Prem Anand S on 01-01-1970 at
Brilliant 5.0 stars
features are good...but the camera quality is amazing
Posted by Naved Ahmad on 01-01-1970 at
Pixel 3A XL better thn the Pixel 3 XL for what it is. 5.0 stars
Have been using this for 2 days now. Takes a bit longer to charge the battery but once it's charged, it might last for a day. Everything else is great. This is a great mobile. No regrets :)
Posted by ADITHYAN P A on 01-01-1970 at