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Worst 1.0 stars
Worst phone
Posted by Yashraj on 05-01-2020 at
So cheap 4.0 stars
Ok type phone but a bit cheap....expected to be for 5 crore.....It was hanging a bit but because i think i bought it for 90 thousand only
Posted by Atharva kalra on 14-12-2019 at
stupid price 1.0 stars
bad price
Posted by Amazon Customer on 14-12-2019 at
Not good at 80k+ but good deal from black Friday! 4.0 stars
I bought a black one on black Friday sale from USA. Rating 4 stars because of the battery. It will suffice you for a day only if you are a heavy user. I am a medium heavy user(with dark mode on, motion sensor anyway disabled for India, smooth display- 90 hz off, motion wallpapers off, always on display off) and i full charge it once in 24 hours. Pixel 1 and 3a I had lasted long enough with their bells and whistles on. Everything is good about the phone except battery. I won't say it's bad bad but average considering other competition. Face recognition works good. Camera crazy!!! But iPhone 11 pro camera looks better. Final verdict not a good phone for 80k+ INR. But, I am happy as I got it for $600 about 47k with taxes from USA.
Posted by Jeevan Pawar on 07-12-2019 at