Google Pixel XL User Faqs

One plus 6 or google pixel xl which the best?
Google pixel support ends by Oct 2018, security support for one more year. consider this before you choose,. otherwise pixel XL is the best
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Google pixel XL phone supporting VoLTE
yes it support voLTE
Posted by Dalbir Singh at
the charging is slow or fast ?
Fast! 0 to 100 in almost 2 hours 15 mins. Initial 50% gets done super quick though.
Posted by Venkat Raman at
is't support jio lte and sim
yes it support jio and lte Sims as well !
Posted by Manoj B at
does google pixel and pixel xl has potrait mode in camera??
Posted by Jayaram Pasala at
Google pixel XL support VOLTE
Yes, it does support voLTE and Jio SIM.
Posted by Flipkart Customer at
can we use jio SIM in Google pixel
Posted by amit amit at
does Google pixel XL gets continuous updated?
Yes, it keeps getting monthly security updates
Posted by Dhawaljeet Das at
which device is better camera iphone7 or google pixel
Hands down, Pixel. I have both and the iPhone 7 is only used for portrait mode.
Posted by NIKHIL JAIN at
Does google pixels camera and other things are best than iPhone?
it is THE BEST. the camera is super advanced than iPhone, as Google says, it's rated the highest camera phone, you can go to#teampixel on instagram and check for yourself.
Posted by Jayesh Kumar at