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HTC One M9 Plus User Reviews

Nice product 4.0 stars
will it support fingerprint canner
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 27-12-2018 at
Good Phone 5.0 stars
Using M9+ for last 2 months. Except for battery life (common issue of all Androids), have no complain. Video reproduction is crisp. Selfies are good. Phone has got killer look. Internal speaker sounds excellent, crystal clear. Rear camera is ok, although at low lights, the image quality drops. Overall a good phone to hang around with.
Posted by Arindam Karmakar on 18-12-2018 at
Faced minor issues 3.0 stars
Processor is bad . It hangs all the time. And slow .
Posted by Vikram Gupta on 15-12-2018 at
Above-average product 3.0 stars
Phone ka photo toh sahi dalte chutiye log! Wrong picture of the phone #Dumbfucks!!
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 12-12-2018 at
Awesome 5.0 stars
Very good, I loved it very nice mobile & camera quality is best it compares to DSLR handset
Posted by Akshay Shingne on 04-12-2018 at
Not that good and not that bad 3.0 stars
Screen and speaker quality is top notch, Not recommended for heavy games, meditate processor isn't that good, frame drops are quite frequent when playing games like Modern Combat and Asphalt. Battery Life is so-so. No quick charge and wireless charging as well. Opt for Nexus 6P
Posted by Abhijeet Gupta on 04-12-2018 at
Another Gem from HTC !!! 5.0 stars
This is my 4th HTC phone... very good piece of technology. Build quality it pretty solid and Android with HTC Sense is awesome as usual.
Posted by Rohan Luktuke on 24-11-2018 at
Worthless 1.0 stars
Very slow chrging. Bttry Backup only half day
Posted by abdul haseeb p on 23-11-2018 at
Fabulous! 5.0 stars
Awesome mobile by HTC. Really a great phone
Posted by Vishal E on 22-11-2018 at
Worth every penny 5.0 stars
Superb smart phone.. I have been using it for more than 2 Years now.. no issues at all
Posted by Jyoshith K on 22-11-2018 at