HTC U Ultra User Faqs

does this upgrade to android 8.0?
yes as per tweet from HTC India Oreo will be updated in between Oct to Dec time frame worldwide. HTC U11, HTC Ultra, HTC 10 all theses will be upgraded to new Oreo 8.0
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What do you mean by second screen?
It has a small secondary display on top which can be customised as per needs. When main screen is off or on. It keeps showing notification and contacts to quickly send messages, information etc.
does it have meta body
yeah its sides have metal and back is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 . so don't worry about back
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which one phone to buy htc u ultra or lg g6??
I use HTC U Ultra and it's a not a bad phone except battery. the battery is bit on a lower side but it has a better camera, sound output then LG. That totally depends on you,both use same processor
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Hows is the battery life after oreo update???How much is the screen on time??
I'm charging my phone one time per day.... I'm using for official purpose full time Wi-Fi on and screen also on full day..if I plat games I will charge two times. battery life's my experience
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Is it so big ??
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features like flash,.torch available?
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Is there a face lock system?
It has face unlock system.
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what is it's weight ?
search on Google lol
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Will it get face unlock system via an ota update
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