Huawei Honor 8X User Faqs

does it hv conference call option
Posted by sapna chauhan at
Can we do chatting during video calls without pausing?
awesome phone but I just have one question it takes time to connect to other call when you call someone, can any advice is there any setting issue
No no thare are no any settings for that issue this is not instrument prob that is network related issu dont worry honar 8X is best phone for android user......
Posted by paras savaliya at
What is its waterproof IP Rating?
I believe this mobile is not waterproof.
Posted by Amazon Customer at
Does it have wireless display option? ?
Yes it has mirror share which can be use as wireless display
Posted by Amazon Customer at
Can i change the theme in honor 8x..?
Posted by Guljar Hossain at
It contains portrait mode in front and back camera?
In front it does, but I hate the camera quality. It's bad. The front camera does not give HD pics.
Posted by SPIKE at
Does the phone has company pre applied tempered glass protection?
Posted by Ronak at
Honor 8x or Redmi note 6 pro?
Honor 8X
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Can you please explain me about NFC ?
Near field communication,nfc is a short range high frequency wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10cm distance
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