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Huawei Honor 8X User Reviews

Awesome, value for money 5.0 stars
Good product, stylish good sound quality like a speaker and good bass
Must buy value for money
Screen quality pretty good
Posted by SHARAD KUMAR SONI on 01-01-1970 at
Would have been better. 3.0 stars
Slow motion video:
> its worst
> Picture depth effect is not that clear.
> back camera at night isnt good.
> network signal strength is weak.
Posted by Sonu on 01-01-1970 at
Most detailed and Well Rounded Review on 8x 5.0 stars
I had experience with Honor devices as I had used Honor 5x in the past as well and I can vouch for reliability and quality of Honor devices. My last phone was Nubia Z9 mini from which I have switched to this device : Honor 8x: I have been using it for about a month now and here is the list of pros and cons.


1. The single most impressive and probably the best thing about this device is the screen. We get FHD+ 6.5 inches edge to edge display with 91% screen to body ratio ( better than even the Note 9) and You wont find a better screen this side of ? 25k. Honor might have compromised here or there but the screen is absolutely flagship material on this device. And it makes sense to provide a good screen as that is the most used thing on a smartphone.

2. The build quality is equally impressive. With full metal and glass build the device looks far more premium than what one can judge looking at the price tag. Easily looks like a flagship device, better than even flagships from One plus, Xiaomi and such.

3. The HiSilicon Kirin 710 is an absolute beast in the mid range SOCs. Huawei has let loose a cat among the pigeons. Whether it be synthetic benchmarks or real life usage patterns, this chipset decimates all its competition like SD 636, SD660 and Helios P60. It infact punches well above its weight and actually ends up competing with SD710 and P70. The kirin 710 is blazingly fast!!

4. The battery life is a wonderful blessing from Huawei. I am getting screen on times of 10 hours with mixed usage and about 1.5-2 days of battery life. Really Amazing.

5. Although Stock Android is my personal preference, but I have to give it to Honor for the EMUI 8.2 It is just as flexible as stock and it even looks alright (my opinion). The RAM management is actually better than stock!! Out of the 4gb ram ( actually 3.7 gb) we get a free RAM of about 2.05-2.45 gb which is quite sufficient for even heavy multitasking.


1. The biggest con for me which kept me on the fence for a long time was: NO FAST CHARGING. I mean this is the biggest blunder by Honor imho. It takes about 2 hours to go from 15% to 100%. This device should have had fast charging.

2. Although I have been singing praises of the CPU in kirin 710, the actual kink in the armour of this SOC is the GPU. Dont get me wrong, The Mali G51 MP4 is not too bad. You can play PUbG and other intensive games at low to medium settings but the GPUs on the qualcomm chipsets are just better and there is no escape from this fact.

3. Lastly the camera is a hit or miss. If you actually dive deep into the pro mode and tinker about in the settings, you can get decent pics. But out the box, the camera is just average. There are other phones in this range with better camera. If camera is your priority, I would suggest you to think twice before finalising on this device.

The slomo @ 480 fps is great but it works only for 10 secs. Similarly the AI mode is available in only 4:3 aspect ratio which I absolutely dislike. The videos also come out shaky due to No OIS or EIS. Also, Competition offers 4k video recording but this is limited to 1080p @60 fps.
All in all though I am satisfied with the camera as it was never a priority for me. I must mention here that sometimes I feel My 3 year old Nubia Z9 mini had a better camera, all things considered.

Conclusion: I zeroed in on this device because It offered the things which I was looking for and the compromises made were those with which I could live. This still has the best CPU in mid range devices, best screen and the best build quality. The good things are the EMUI, security systems ( fingerprint scanner is brilliant and face unlock works 90% of the times. It only struggles in night time) and good battery life. Thankfully honor has not jumped the bandwagon of stupid trends and it still retains headphone jack and external memory support. Two thumbs up and a pat on the back from my side ;)

The not so good things are lack of USB C port ( fast charging), mediocre camera and mediocre GPU.

All in All I can confidently recommend this device if your priorities allign with the strengths of this device that I mentioned above.

Before buying I was looking for this kind of review and hence I took the time out to write this detailed one. I hope it helped you in your Purchasing Decision :)
Posted by HooliganMachine on 01-01-1970 at
Memory card issue 1.0 stars
Product is good in the view of camera and all the features. Dual volte is the ultimate feature.

But the phone is unable to access the memory card, when you set the default storage as memory card, even if you take the 05 sec video also, phone is unable to store the data to memory card and with in seconds the device is going into blank condition.

I can clearly say that, that is not the memory card problem, because the same memory card is getting good access and good functioning in other mobiles.

So, after knowing this i formatted my memory card and tried take store the another video file by setting the storage as default location memory,but again it is showing the same blank condition.

Disappointed due to direct storage issue
Posted by Rakesh Chandra kari on 01-01-1970 at
Buy if you need notch with good battery 3.0 stars
Seriously ?H8X???? 100times better than Realme 2Pro????
Posted by himanshu puri on 01-01-1970 at
Perfect ???? one for me... Been 2 months i m using it and the experience is awesome ???????? 5.0 stars
Perfect ???? one for me... Been 2 months i m using it and the experience is awesome ????????
Posted by Nishant Gupta on 01-01-1970 at
Five Stars 5.0 stars
Awsm phone no issue
Posted by Biswajit on 01-01-1970 at
Waiting for Fast Charging and Android PIE :-) 5.0 stars
I purchase this product at 12:00am on 24th and first time got it delivered timely by AMAZON on 25th afternoon, I was using MI A1 earlier.. no doubt its a great phone with lovely looks and killer features... but camera color saturation needs to improve and portrait in Selfie is not up to the mark... waiting to get it all solved by OTA... thanks HONOR for this great product...
Posted by Jaimini on 01-01-1970 at
Real competitor against redmi 5.0 stars
Honor has already a best quality forever. Phone is very fast and smooth. Display is very impressive. Sound quality is amazing in speakers and earphones too because of HUAWEI HISTEN sound technology. Camera works pretty well and captures great and fantastic photos. In low light condition camera works very good. Display is sharp and this massive 6.5 inch device is best for multimedia and gaming. Hisilicon kirin 710 is very fast. Battery backup is too good. Redmi note 5 pro and Realme 2 pro is nothing in front of Honor 8x. In reality Honor 8x is a real pro.
Posted by rohit r. on 01-01-1970 at
Average product 4.0 stars
Looks Great
-No fast Charging
-Speaker volume is very low
-Not easy to use with single hand (screen size is much bigger.
Its not a phone its phablet

Its better to go with Realme 2 pro.Thats much better product in this cost
Posted by Ankur Yadav on 01-01-1970 at