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Huawei Honor 8X User Reviews

Camera is pathetic 1.0 stars
Pictures are totally blur and colours are totally oversaturated. Colours in the pictures are not even close to original colours. Highly disappointed by the camera of the phone.
Posted by Rahul Pal on 01-01-1970 at
Power Packed Phone!! 5.0 stars
As its Name says Xtraordinary. It is built to be the best in its price range. Camera issues can be fixed but everything else is designed to last long. The EMUI is wonderful with so many customizations options. No lags. Honor has done a very good job in making the design of phone look premium and with its 6.5" screen size giving way to 91% screen to body ratio.
The processor Kirin 710 is a very powerful in its price segment. No heating issues. Battery is powerful enough to use. Honor hasnt compromised upon any thing. They have given the best possible phone in this price range.
A must purchase phone!! Hats off to Honor!!!!!
Posted by Sumedh on 01-01-1970 at
Good look with latest features!! 4.0 stars
I had buy this phone after lot of research & consider to buy since not other phone match this specs at this range...I had ordered it on the launch Day itself & using it with last 12 Days & found very satisfied with it....
Pros...1. Good look
2. Notch display
3. Display Quality
4. Power saving modes for long Battery backup.
5. Selfie camera.

Cons..1. Rear camera not showing the real things enhance more than actual colour variation can easily be noticed.
2. Lag some time & feel hanged at 3-4 times in just 10 Days normal use no gaming etc..

Conclusion: Overall Good package at with this specs & price range..Look is awesome
Posted by Pankaj Yadav on 01-01-1970 at
Truly Amazing and truly the most premium looking phone under 15000. 5.0 stars
I researched about this phone since its launched, but was very having very doubt about its performance. After knowing all those cons and prons in online videos and comments over here about camera, sound and battery, i was very disappointed that one of the most beautiful phone having so many flaws.

But later, i decided to go with those phone, purely for its look and took the risk. I order on 2nov at 00:00 in night and at 9 am in the morning, it got delivered to me. Amazon Amazed me seriously with its ultra fast delivery.

Now regarding the usage. I am not a gamer, i even havent installed any games. I got phone with 60 percent battery left. I charged phone to 100% and it got charged in 45 mins.

It has given me approx 20 hours of usage. I clicked around 300 pics, 3-4 hours of song listen, both the sims on 4g and also wifi and bluetooth connected. I was continuous on the phone expect for 4 hours when i got slept. So battery performance is amazing. Please not i havent played any game yet.

Regarding Camera, yes it go MAD with RGB(red, Blue Green) and over saturate some times, but still pictures are good. Front camera is some what below average, didnt meet my expectation. Slow Motion Camera of is of no use, it shows very bad resolution while filming, so if any body considering this phone for sloMo, then better to avoid that. The night mode of the camera is simple brilliant and amazing. Wow!! the pic with the plate scene on the wall, was having just a mild lighting and almost dark. But this camera captures like it was having sufficient light. I am amazed with its night camera.

Regarding sound, no doubt it is loud. Very loud. But yes, it is not crystal clear. I couldnt hear the songs with max volume for more than 10 mins, it was this much loud, and with out crystal clarity, it was irritating. It was good with 75% vol.

The sound with earpeice is also, not that much great, you will not feel the crystal clear sound on the call.

Other than that, rest of the things are simply amazing. EMUI 8.2 also has native call recorder as in MIUI, but no native video calling support.
Posted by Aditya Malviya on 01-01-1970 at
CONs ONlY 3.0 stars
I opt for replacement for these reasons. Hope this tyme I got lucky.
By researching the user experiences I can guess that Honors manufacturing unit is not that great because No user have similar problems, they all have different issues either camera, battery, ram or sound.
Bdw, i am facing all of them except camera.

1) out of 4GB RAM initially you only get around 2GB.
2) device is not as fast as I thought. little bit of slow, mostly during data transfer or sharing of files
3) most of the Honor 8X users mentioned that It takes around 2hrs to be fully charged but in my case It takes around 1hr.
4) while charging it heats up little, near camera
5) Speaker Sound is not that loud, I practically found it was not loud enough in a noisy area
6) RAM management is just ok
7) Earpiece Sound is loud but at maximum or near maximum sound level it deteriorates its quality. generally YOu wont need maximum level.
8) back glass dont have oleo phobic coating so, easily catches fingerprints.
9) Battery drains fast. cant say it is 3750mah or not.
.....will update later if I find something else.
Posted by sudip ghosh on 01-01-1970 at
Disappointed 2.0 stars
1. Looks and design is good
2. Battery life is satisfactory. With normal usage you will get 1 day battery life.
3.loudspeaker not so loud.
4. No default video call option in dialer
5. Display color are oversaturated especially red color but no youtuber mentioned it in thier review

6. Poor camera performance. Totally disappointed.
On paper it looks great but practically it not upto the mark.
Detail and clarity is missing.
Different modes with different pixel size.
On rear camera normal photo mode uses 20 MP , AI mode uses 12 MP, portrait mode uses 8MP and other modes uses 8MP only. Poor quality pictures.

Also disappointed with night mode feature.
Night mode uses only 8MP and quality & clarity is wrost.

Video is limited to 1080P 60fps but again quality is poor. Even in 1080p video looks like pixelated and detail is missing.

Slow motion is limited to 720P again no detail no clarity.
No EIS support.
Rear camera potrait mode uses 8MP only whereas front camera potrait mode uses 16MP dont know why.

First experience with honor and it is not good.
Realme 2 pro is better than 8X in terms of camera.
Posted by Amit sharma on 01-01-1970 at
Very good cellphone ????. 5.0 stars
It is a very good phone I was little bit confused which to buy wait for asus zenfone max pro m2 or honor 8x. But when i saw detailed reviews of honor 8x i immediately purchased this mobile.
Their r few reasons to buy honor 8x for me
1. 12nm processor (2.2Ghz)
2. Battery efficiency (AI)
3. Glass body and unique design with metal frames.
4. Chin is very small compaired to other ???? in this range(because of on chip display technology)
5. Camera is very good both(front and back).(AI camera)
6. Gaming is awesome (PUBG supports GPU Tarbo) mindblowing graphics.
And also thanks to amazon.
1. Good delivery ????
2. Secure package.
Thank u honor and thank u amazon team.

Friends go for it without any doubts. Far better than Asus Max Pro M2.
Posted by Arindam Banerjee on 01-01-1970 at
HONOR 8X Good Mobile 5.0 stars
Honor 8X
Display 8/10
Audio 7/10
Battery 8/10
Camera 9/10
Build Quality 10/10
Call quality 9/10
Wifi signal strength 9/10
Sim signal strength 9/10
Processor 9/10
No Heating issues
Battery is good lightly battery draining issues not that much dont worry i think they will fix in update

Audio Quality in Speakers and 3.5 mm Jack not giving so crystal clear audio quality so i downloaded Jet Audio Plus audio Player Paid Version and in Equalizer we must enable AM3D Audio Enhancer Paid Version now Total Audio Quality changed now it gives crystal clear audio quality good quality sound.

Video Player in built player HEVC Format not playing smoothly audio video not syncing But i Downloaded VLC Player it plays smoothly
Please fix in next update camera performance audio quality and battery better backup
Posted by N Pratap on 01-01-1970 at
Best phone to spend your money upon. 5.0 stars
Have been using this mobile from past 1 week and honestly speaking I had too much confusion in my mind regarding this handset as most of the handset comparisons I read or watched said that the camera of the mobile is not up to the mark. I was totally confused between realme 2 pro and this one. But eventually I made my decision to go with this handset and it turned out to be a right decision .
Everything is so perfect in this handset plus looks of this handset is totally awesome. This is my second honor phone. First one was honor 9 lite.... and both of them are super.
Happy purchasing :)
PS: All those who are complaining about a camera are probably looking for a quality of 50k handset in 15k. Also camera should not be the only deciding factor when looking for a suitable handset. Performance of the device in other areas should also be valued and Honor NEVER dissapoints .
Posted by Kshitij on 01-01-1970 at