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superab 5.0 stars
best camera phone in budget range
Posted by AMAR JEET SINGH on 02-05-2019 at
Carrying forward the legacy... 5.0 stars
I had used the p20 Pro for a year and when it's successor p30 pro came out it upgraded to it.
Let's divide the review in pros and cons...
1. Camera...*every one already knows*...
The camera is mostly a blockbuster except two areas which I will mention in the cons section. The zoom, night mode, the macro, video, daylight portrait... All are on point and have a decent improvement form the p20 Pro...
2. Display... Screen has high enough resolution for me. *I don't have laser vision*. I really don't see what's the point in all those gigantic resolution screens. Yes, it's nice to have 5K screen on iMac (despite being a little bit of overkill) but that's 27" screen. But this Phone is 6". And their is a gigantic leap in screen quality.
3. Battery... Due to FHD+ screen the battery life is very good and as an avg. user I easily get 1.5 days of battery life. Considerable improvement here too form p20 Pro.
4. Charging... The wired charging is super super quick and the wireless too is the fastest in the competition. My phone gets completely charger in 1hr and 20 mins with wired charging.
5.Speaker... I found it pretty good. But then this is a very personal choice.
6. Fingerprint sensor... Though a tad bit slow then the physical one on p20 Pro but very accurate.
7. Heating... Only in rare occasions.
8. Earpiece... I was quite apprehensive too know that p30 pro has no ear piece and uses some screen vibration technology to transfer voices... And I can confirm after using the device that this fancy technology works like a charm.
Hey hey... Lets come to the other side of the coin...
1. Low light portrait simply sucks and the second one is master AI. I found that too very inaccurate.
2. Face Recognition... It does not work in complete darkness and even low light. Its a shame coz the device costs 72k. It is not cheap. The p20 Pro face recognition also does not work in the above mentioned condition. Hence no improvement here.
No more cons folks for now. But yes I'll update it If I find any new ones in future.
If you found the review useful plz hit helpful.
Thnx for reading.
Posted by Utkarsh Kumar Jha on 01-05-2019 at
Bought a nice one 5.0 stars
Till now happy with the features of the phone no issues , not tried wireless charging, hope it shall be a worth buy
Posted by nabanit ghosal on 30-04-2019 at
Dikhave pe na jao, Aapni akal ladao, Huawie is the next flagship killer company. 4.0 stars
Detailed reviews. Something which will help many of them to choose or not to choose this product. (Before writing review I will mention that I have used iPhone XS, XR, OnePlus 6t and other flagship phones too)

1. Camera, everyone is talking about the camera and trust me it doesn't disappoint anywhere. It has the best camera, with AI it give much more than expected. Low light, 50x zoom, portrait mode are no doubt amazing. This is seriously best camera phone one can buy.

2. Battery, the ultimate part about this phone is, it's battery, 4200 mah gives you a day and more.

3. Screen, A bit disappoint but could be ignored. The curve display is really good, but colours are not as vibrant as you see in Samsung phones.

4. Sound, you will surely enjoy the sound on this phone. It's loudspeaker is really great and you won't feel any issues within hearing sounds at full volume too.

5. UI - EMUI is seriouslly kiddish, the icons and even the interface is not that great. But I am using NOVA launcher which makes me feel the same like previous phone.

6. Charging speed is unbelievable and if charges your complete phone in approx 1 hour.

So what does a person need in today's flagship phone is best camera, super battery life and fast charging, this all things are bundled in p30 pro. iPhone X series lacks with fast charging, good battery life and not great camera when compared to this.
Samsung S10 plus has poor battery life but good screen resolution when compared to this.
Pixel 3xl has poor battery life and while playing games like pubg it effects a lot, hangs a lot and screen is averagr.
OnePlus 6t is a good purchase against this only if your budget is not high.
Posted by Avnish Jain on 29-04-2019 at
Super Camera phone 5.0 stars
Really this a not a phone.... Super camera phone, battery awesome & performance is better
Posted by Dear Sourav on 27-04-2019 at
Excellent camera mobile 5.0 stars
Don't know minute details of mobile.Huawei P30 pro camera is excellent, specially night mode and zoom.Pro mode is also very good
Posted by Amazon Customer on 26-04-2019 at
Optic heaven, battery heaven, UI hell?? Not that much. 5.0 stars
The p30 pro is indeed an optic heaven, and those looking to buy one know that already.
Plenty of videos on youtube to support my statement and my camera clicks. A phone that clicks the moon from my balcony, now thts simply WOW!
--Now what is interesting is exploring the rest of the phone which is not as refined as the optics and coming from ONEPLUS's oxygen OS i have a thing or two to mention.

--Firstly the miui IS THE BIGGEST LETDOWN, Hands down lets get tht out of the way, if you can live with that n want the best battery and camera experience a phone can offer, please buy this beauty. It has the looks for it as well.

The battery honestly is good and the charging speed even better. Music lovers(via headsets) will not be dissapointer as the In box earphones do a commendable job in delivering audio.
The screen is GOOD, i have not extensively used quad HD screens but coming from oneplus 5T it was a pleasent surprise. The curve screen is curved enough that it looks sexy without causing accidental touches.
There are hidden customization options in a complicated settings menu, i wud recommend watching a Youtube video to get the most out of your device incase u r interested.
Test this phone speaks volumes how Optics in a camera phone have advanced.
I wanted The best camera experience that a phone could offer and for me THIS IS IT! Samsung wide camera is better but overall this rates higher in my books, FYI low light mode is tip of the iceberg of the camera mods this phone has you have live photos, macro shots water style photos to name a FEW. Again i wud highly recommend watching an indepth camera guide as you are spending 70000 on this device.
Recommended those who want the best camera exp, Not recommended to those who want the best UI.
OS: 6
Camera: 11/10(nt even exaggerating)
Battery: 9
Calling: 9
Ease of use: 8
charging: 10(wired n wireless) Fastest in d market as of now.
Posted by Tubby on 26-04-2019 at
Camera 5.0 stars
Camera awesome
Posted by Dinesh Rbo on 26-04-2019 at
Great phone 5.0 stars
Great battery and display, excellent cameras. Would rate 4.5 for the slightly weaker WiFi reception and for the not so great UI and speaker audio quality. Though network reception is great. Had network problems with the P 20 pro and mate 20 pro which had to be returned /disposed but happy that such problems have been resolved with the P30 pro. Overall great phone especially for photos and the marathon battery. Amazon delivery was amazing as usual, great customer support
Posted by Kumar on 25-04-2019 at
If it has the stock android UI, it would be the best 5.0 stars
Excellent camera, unbelievable zoom, low light king it can see things you won't see with your eyes. Please see the sky photo attached , took it pointing to the complete dark sky .If you have a steady hand it will give noiseless quality photo even at complete darkness

I was a OnePlus 6t user and I am really missing that smooth UI and performance,

if it has
1.stock android UI,
2. Better video recording
it will be best smartphone in the world
Posted by jyuthi on 24-04-2019 at