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Excellent camera phone 4.0 stars
Excellent camera phone.However, reducing one star as security update is as of Feb'19. No Android 10 as of now in India.
Posted by Mash Patel on 13-12-2019 at
Its the beauty 5.0 stars
Why i bought?Best camera truely checkedBattery life satisfied checkedProcessor good checkedBeats google pixel phones, s10plus, iphoneWith only device having 50X zoom checkedI thought to buy pixel 4 thank god i bought p30 pro it the Crown of Cameras 2019Just the screen is not well hard easily get scratched, now i have to use tempered glassI bought this device despite p30 banned notice from USA this is last device which will get android update after this product the Android has stopped support policy to Huawei. But i say Everyone does mistake and must gaet chance to grow
Posted by Bhavin P. on 23-11-2019 at
Waterproof dont work 2.0 stars
The company says its waterproof and i took photo under pool in underwater mode. After that i cant hear when people call me. The water entered speaker.
Posted by Jocool on 23-11-2019 at
The brand new RED YELLOW YELLOW BLUE (RYYB) Sensor is more of a miss than a hit smh. 2.0 stars
This review was written on May 03, 2019This is not your typical review as I won't be talking about the lack of QHD+ display and stereo speaker on a 1,041 dollar smartphone or even the lack of headphone jack or a punchole cutout for the weak single selfie camera without any wide angle lens or depth sensor. Hell, not even the gimmicky 50x times zoom or the redundant 10/8 MP telephoto camera and ultra wide angle lens in lowlight or the lack of 4k@60fps, as these might not be enough to bother me just yet, BTW 4k@30fps looks jittery af though. No, no, no, I believe that everyone who bought this phone are fully aware of the little trade offs because all they wanted is the best friggin camera on a smartphone so I'll be covering more about the letdowns on the camera department as of now, considering that this is not my final verdict. The 40 Megapixel Huawei Super Spectrum Sony IMX 600 sensor with a large f1.6 aperture has so much more potential than this, it doesn't have to be this bad and unimpressive for long. It's got all the hardware and a lousy software which can be improved hopefully. The traditional Red Green Sensor (RGB) might be more suitable for most people in my opinion. This is not my final review, I'll update my review when Huawei actually starts to care about its customers and fix these terrible issues that I have down below ⬇️.It is just that the new RYYB Sensor, the selfie camera and the software is such a pain in the rear. Alright first thing first, I simply hate the fact that there is no dedicated night mode on the selfie camera. I'm flabbergasted by the fact that the color of the images shot on the Huawei P30 Pro looks blatantly dull, washed out, uninteresting and simply boring in all lighting conditions compared to my POCO F1 using the latest G CAM Mod 6.2.It bothers me so so much that you can't erase objects on the stock gallery app and the camera does not even have a timestamp. I wonder how people are gonna know how impressive your phone's lowlight capabilities are without adding timestamp on a photo. It's always fun to play around while erasing people's head or text in MIUI. "By the way MIUI is the best android skin in the world for me", split screen mode works flawlessly.With a huge display of 6.47 inch, you can't even comfortably watch YouTube videos and browse simultaneously without experiencing crashes multiple times. It just force stops the other app when you're using an app that doesn't support split screen and you can't even use the camera app while watching YouTube videos on top. In MIUI, everything will still be playing on the background while you take tons of photos or even when you run UC Browser although the app does not support a split screen mode. When watching YouTube videos on top, you can't even go to recent apps on the bottom, what a bummer huh... Despite all the hate, I thought that I might become a fan of EmUi and get used to it pretty fast but boy I couldn't be more wrong. Stock Android is also not just for me as I had previously owned the Google Pixel 2 xl from Dec 2017 to March 2018 for three months before selling it on eBay. Its the little things that makes MIUI on top of Android great for me like the fact that you can just use the eraser by editing a very old image, doing so.. it'll come out on top and the file will be status ready for whatsapp without having to particularly look for that file.I really really wish that the selfie camera will be improved through software updates very soon and I beg Huawei to add a timestamp and a watermark even in the images taken by the selfie camera, not to mention the dedicated night mode on the front camera. Huawei, you don't have to be ashamed of how bad your selfie camera is by not adding the watermark, you know this phone ain't cheap and people would like to add the watermark on every picture taken by the phone be it the rear or the front camera, but instead just focus on improving it significantly right now through multiple software updates. I mean who doesn't like Leica branding? It's never too late to do right thing Huawei.Conclusion: Give us a way to creatively customize the cheap looking teardrop notch without having to actually hide it and the Always On Display is just for show as there is no option for customization. I hope Huawei fix this ASAP, I might be nit-picking here a little and why shouldn't I? This phone cost me a fortune.It's a shame that Emotion UI on top of Android is a very bloated skin with little to no reliable features. Even if you're someone who's been using Huawei or Honor devices for the past few years, there's nothing that you'll miss about the software after switching to other brands.The update for the Dual Video recording mode is taking forever to reach our country India. Snapchat seems like they haven't even heard of the brand named "Huawei" despite the previous claimed that the Huawei P30 and P30 pro will offer an optimized and exclusive Snapchat experience, I guess we'll just have to eagerly wait and see what the future brings to the table. The black spots on the edges of a photo when using the wide angle lens is also something very annoying.FYI, Amber Sunrise is still my favorite color, breathing crystal and the aurora color variants looks stunning but they are not as classy.The fourth Time of Flight sensor on the Huawei P30 Pro cannot be utilised to its maximum potential yet.HEY EVERYONE, ONE MINUTE OF SILENCE PLEASE... AS GOOGLE CAMERA IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 7nm KIRIN 980 CHIPSET???It would be unacceptable for me if Amazon deletes or hides this comment again.That was my hate relationship with the Huawei P30 pro as a Flagship folks, and when I update this review I'll talk about everything that I love about this device.
Posted by Nate Diaz on 11-11-2019 at
All-rounder 5.0 stars
Pros:Best form factor, beautiful design, beautiful curvesGreat battery life.Very fast charging.Best hardware, very fast processor.Very good camera macro, still and zoom and profound details.Good screen qualityCons:Emui not fully optimised in this phone.Single firing speaker. Sound could have been better.Dynamic range is limited and little blown highlights in pics and a little deficiency in colour accuracy
Posted by Dr Amitava Paul on 08-11-2019 at
The only camera phone you need 5.0 stars
Huawei P30 pro is actually the most versatile camera on a smartphone till date.This phone will not disappoint any photography enthusiast wanting to get the best of image quality in any lighting conditions. Have a look on image samples attached
Posted by Abhishek Singh on 29-10-2019 at
Best phone ever made 5.0 stars
Best camera ever on a phone, top notch built qualityDESIGNBeautiful breathing crystal is by far the best looking phone. And it's the first thing one notices.Glassed front and back meets the metal chassis to form a sharp chamfering at the sides, reminisce of the onePlus 3/3T.Notch is a notch....I don't forgive notches even if they're as small as they get on the p30 pro.Right sided volume rockers nand power button are great and very tactile. Sim tray at the top is slightly harder to prey open than others.Camera protrudes a wee but and does make the phone wobble on a flat surface.The cold aluminum chassis and glasses front / back gives it the most premium feel, and also super slippery. It is a shame to put this in the bundled transparent TPU case ( for the "must need" protection and for grip).SCREENThe 1080p 6.47" diagonal screen has a notch occupies all of the front, with the call speaker built into it ( on the upper half). Be adviced that this OLED screen has all the subpixels UNLIKE THE PENTILE SUPERAMOLED Samsung displays, and yes, this screen is better to look at even when compared side to side with the 1440p superamoled sceens. The sides do curve, not unlike the galaxy s9/9+, and i have to say the gestures for BACK is so much easier than flat screens. And also, yes, so much better than the unelegant gesture on the ONEUI.SOFTWARE :Huawei EMUI 9 on top of android 9 pies runs this beautiful hardware. I have received 2 updates but I haven't noticed anything drastically changed.That said, the EMUI icons are unnecessarily large and cartoonish. One can enable the App Drawer ( which doesn't come of the box). App Drawer again looks funny with large icons in 4 rows or 5 rows. It's just unsightly. Beside this, if one needs to go to 'app info', one has to dig deep into settings again and again. This is pure PAIN. I have healed myself of this, by installing the NOVA launcher prime. Installation of a third party launcher is not without difficulty as EMUI repeatedly tries to spit the new launcher out and reassert itself.Preinstalled apps include Huawei made ones and facebook ones. I can surely ignore them as facebook can be uninstalled.There are EMUI specific gestures and knocks for various things. Most of them are pretty good.CAMERA :I am not a camera buff and i have seen so many youtube videos of the p30 pro's camera review and i think anyone who owns a p30 pro should watch them.In a nutshell, my advice is... "use the AI"BATTERY LIFEis great. Better than most phones, better than the 4000 mAh packing redmi k20 pro or galaxy note 10 plus.System DARK Mode saves battery immensely.
Posted by Rummedin on 14-10-2019 at
Chosen Huawei P30pro over Samsung Note 10 5.0 stars
I have chosen P30pro over Galaxy note 10 for the battery and camera. I am satisfied over both but still missing the S pen feature of Note 10. I have purchased this phone after 6 years of using iPhone. Still having iPhone and this P30pro is os is no way lesser than ios12. Very happy with my decision to buy Huawei P30pro till now. Hope there will be no problem with Huawei services.
Posted by SANJAY MUKHERJEE on 13-10-2019 at
get scratches easily 3.0 stars
Everything OK but as screen is not gorilla glass get scratches easily :(
Posted by Narendra Kumar on 09-10-2019 at
P30 pro & indeed a pro as the name goes. 5.0 stars
I had an eye on this phone since its launch & finally got my hands on this masterpiece. This phone is an total allrounder in every aspect. Top notch brilliant camera and low light performance. Zoom capabilities are top notch too and you gotta have a tripod or super steady hands to click superb image above 10x zoom. I am super user of mobile mostly heavy tasking throughout the day multitasking. Phone will last a day max if moderate to heavy use is done without any gaming. If you game then it may last max half a day and not more than that. Battery during intial use may look to drain quickly but after two three cycles of charging you'll start seeing its potential. Phone has quite of lot of features and works flawlessly when multi tasking. Selfie with software flash in a dark room comes out great which seems to be a great feature & great work by Huawei team. 8GB of ram and you get around 4.5-5GB left behind for usage after phone startsup. This is my review after 2 days usage. I'll update moreipon further use. If update to latest emui version doesnt work from phkn, then connect to pc via HiSuite app and try updating.
Posted by Karthiksai Iyer on 07-10-2019 at