InFocus Turbo 5 Plus User Faqs

does it have fingerprint
Posted by Shalin Maheshwari at
does it has fingerprint sensor?
Posted by Abhishek Kumar at
this support 2 sim + 1 sd card
2 sim
Posted by Anonymous at
2 sim + 1 sd card not 1sim + 1 sd card
1sim+1sd card or 2 sim
Posted by Ashish Sharma at
Does it have face unlock?
Posted by Samrat Pandey at
has it separate sd card slot
Posted by Anonymous at
does it have snapdragon processor
No there is no snapdragon processer.
Posted by Sanjay Singh at
is this selfie camera good?
Posted by My Account at
can it blur
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its gorila glass available?
No have gorila glass. But. This device game processor nice
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