iPhone 13 Pro Max User Faqs

Is iPhone 13 pro max have duel sim option?
Dual SIM is there but only one physical SIM, for 2nd SIM you have to use e-SIM.
Posted by Pritam Das on 12-04-2022 at amazon.in
Hi friends i want to buy a mobile. but confused between iphone13 promax and samsung galaxy s22ultra. present i'm using samsung galaxy note 8.plz help.
Hands down iPhone. Please read my review for honest opinion. I switched from Note 20ultra to Apple. Was using Samsung since 2015 (Note series).
Posted by MadLord on 13-03-2022 at amazon.in
बैटरी बेकब कितना हैहै
up to 16 hours depends on use
Posted by noor fatima on 11-03-2022 at amazon.in
Exchange is available
Exchange of old mobile is available in most of the pin codes…. Even if you get the product as damaged (mostly it won't happen) they will replace the product, only after a clear check.
Posted by P K on 06-03-2022 at amazon.in
My order of Iphone will come tomorrow can i change to 256
No, you have to cancel it / reject the deliver and pleace a new request/order for the 256 one!
Posted by P K on 06-03-2022 at amazon.in
Does it still have a notch???? Or is it still 2017
the curved screen is temporary, notch is forever! ;p
Posted by MadLord on 09-02-2022 at amazon.in
Is it dual sim or single sim
Single Sim
Posted by Wanlam J on 02-02-2022 at amazon.in
Does it still have a notch?
Posted by 9742839288 on 25-01-2022 at amazon.in
Does this model support 90 fps in bgmi?
Yes it supports
Posted by Sanket Basu Roy on 14-01-2022 at amazon.in
This phone 5g
Posted by Kishan sangma on 06-01-2022 at amazon.in