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iPhone 13 User Reviews

Nice mobile but facing some heating issues 4.0 stars
Play Video  My mom gifted me for birthday iPhone 13 was really good but sometimes it will heat apart from that mobile is good
Posted by mahesh on 13-03-2022 at amazon.in
Worth the product 5.0 stars
Though we talk a lot about high price for iPhones, this is worth the amount. Smooth touch, perfect to hold in hand. For the screen size of 6.1", it looks small overall. I could have gone for pro max but more than 1.5L budget is way too much for me :-) * Good battery back-up (With low battery mode always on, 5 hours of talk-time, around 2 hours of twitter and 2 hours of whatsapp usage, 1 hour of songs listening, 1 hour of rummy/candy crush games and notification of all these items, the battery comes for more than 24 hours for me) * Getting charged quickly from 20% to 100% within 2 hours * Perfect camera and I love that Live' photo option * Body design is awesome. When I held it in my hand for the first time, felt really happy about the design and the size of the iPhone 13.
Posted by MichealG on 10-03-2022 at amazon.in
Wait 5.0 stars
Wait for the price to drop below 60k is the best value for this phone
Posted by Aditya on 10-03-2022 at amazon.in
Good 5.0 stars
I liket Apple phones I use in 12 but dont different small changes byclone 15.and Touch and Tha Mobile is more than small in 12
Posted by raghava on 09-03-2022 at amazon.in
What a phone... simply wahhh.... 5.0 stars
Play Video  I m a One+ user... 5t and 7pro.. Now First time iphone family... Its camera is superb...????????????
Posted by Sanjib chowdhury on 09-03-2022 at amazon.in
awesooooome just go for it. 5.0 stars
Phone looks good basically the diagonal camera. camera quality awesome. I was using I Phone6 then baught this I phone13.
Posted by vivek verma on 09-03-2022 at amazon.in
Go for it 5.0 stars
just amazing!!! Original product delivered with very good ackaging & fast delivery.
Posted by AK on 07-03-2022 at amazon.in
Awesome 4.0 stars
First time I switched from android to ios . Yeah there is some points which I don’t like in ios but in aspect of phone (iPhone 13) I would say it’s fantastic. And battery backup is really gud I have used it for avg. 4hrs screen on time and it show 20% left after 48hrs. Rest camera is perfect. But i was disappointed from seller’s packaging ,pls improve ur packaging it’s iPhone person who spends 80k expect something from you.
Posted by Aman bhagat on 06-03-2022 at amazon.in
Switching from android to IOS is pathetic!! 1.0 stars
 I switched from Android to IOS. There are so many things you can not do on iphone. If you want a phone which have good looks and phone doesn’t do anything else then you can buy iphone. Battery life is fine. Charging speed is also fine. Camera quality is also fine but some of android phones with this range have better camera quality than this one.
Posted by Vikas K. on 05-03-2022 at amazon.in
iPhones are always good but this one is the best. 5.0 stars
Just got this beautiful machine really happy no issues. Battery backup on iphone 13 is so good on a regular usage Im getting 1 and half day easily. Camera is much improved with some new features. Iphone 13 has better display not a huge difference to notice but it's better. I like diagonal camera setup on iphone 13(personal choice). Really happy with this one.
Posted by namom on 05-03-2022 at amazon.in