Lenovo K8 Note User Faqs

is it firsthand
Posted by Vinod Upadhyay at flipkart.com
does this phone can update for new versions
yes it was run on nougat
Posted by Hima Kiran kondapavuluri at flipkart.com
Why Water proof isn't there,, useless phone
Phew!!!! This is by far the best phone at its price range. don't expect iPhone X features @12k. still not satisfied??? feel free to shell out another 90k, if not dream on!
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
otg support? is it over heats?
it has otg support and it has no overheat
Posted by Flipkart User at flipkart.com
can I play heavy games
Posted by sathyadhanush at flipkart.com
which one is better Lenovo K8 note or Mi Max 2?
K8 note is better then mi max 2. it more handy and extra features than mi max 2.
Posted by Chander Prakash at flipkart.com
this phone is automatically hit for long time use
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
Does it have 4 k video recording?
Posted by Arindam Paul at flipkart.com
Does it have face unlock? does it opens lock by seeing face?
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
Is it was a 4G phone?
yes it is 4G mobile
Posted by podiam Nagendra babu at flipkart.com