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Lenovo K8 User Reviews

Good choice 4.0 stars
Good in all aspect
Posted by Sunit Kumar on 14-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Value-for-money 4.0 stars
Price is little bit high.but,why?
Posted by Jayanta Dax on 23-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Horrible 1.0 stars
Poor quality product. It's lying at service center for last 45 days.
Posted by Vishal Verma on 23-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Good 3.0 stars
Volte not supported
Posted by arpit sarraf on 16-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Highly recommended 5.0 stars
Posted by Rajesh Bodra on 15-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Wonderful 5.0 stars
Nice phone in this range of money.
Posted by Lanu akum on 13-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Excellent 5.0 stars
That is good quality
Posted by Hari Om Singh on 10-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Simply awesome 5.0 stars
very good
Posted by Ikball Mallik on 08-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Good quality product 4.0 stars
not bad
Posted by Pradhumn kewat on 02-11-2018 at flipkart.com
Great product 5.0 stars
amazing phone
Posted by Kapil Gogoi on 30-10-2018 at flipkart.com