Lenovo P2 User Faqs

can I uninstall messaging app and download other messaging app? cos I don't feel comfortable using lenovo p2 messaging app... please help me
yes u can.
Posted by Bhagwan dass Gupta at flipkart.com
can we make out going calls directly or jio app is required to make calls????
outgoing call directly.
Posted by Flipkart User at flipkart.com
this mobile is mhl support or not support
No, it doesnt support MHL.
Posted by Harpreet at flipkart.com
this phone has gallery or not
No it's doesn't have inbuilt gallery. But it's have Google photos for gallery purposes.
Posted by Bhupender Singh at flipkart.com
i bought Lenovo p2 but there is no gallery in my phone so any one tell me please this phone has gallery or not.
just download from playstore for me its ok
Posted by ARUN KUMAR J at flipkart.com
does it have multi touch ?
s it does bro!
Posted by Flipkart User at flipkart.com
Does this seller indiflashmart gives good quality phone (Lenovo p2) ?
Posted by chai2 at flipkart.com
this phone support VOLTE...?
yes you can use jio sim in this only one Volte slot other is 3g
Posted by PARAG GATHANI at flipkart.com
Does the phone has quick charging option ?
yes it charge in 2hr from 5% to 100
Posted by atul umbarkar at flipkart.com
Is in this phone gorilla glass display ?
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com