Lenovo Phab 2 Pro User Faqs

What is tango
Tango is augmented reality platform developed by google.
Posted by Raghavan N at flipkart.com
is it is gorila glass ?
yes and scratch proof. screen guard not required
Posted by Flipkart User at flipkart.com
Phone is waterproof or not??
Posted by Ragavan at flipkart.com
will i be able to use whatsapp hike etc in this tab...?
yes... ofcourse...it's a Phab not a tab...
Posted by jayan durairathinam at flipkart.com
does he have front flash
Posted by Sunag Jainar at flipkart.com
Does it have FM radio and does the bottom is the dual stereo speaker or single?
No don't have FM radio and bottom only one speaker works.
Posted by Rakesh Raushan at flipkart.com
which is the best vivo v 11 pro or lenovo phab 2 pro
Vivo v pro is the best
Posted by Rakesh Raushan at flipkart.com
does it supports 7.1 dolby atmos
Yes it will support 7.1 Dolby sound
Posted by Rakesh Raushan at flipkart.com
Does this mobile record's video's in AR mode?
You can record what you create or superimpose.
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
does it's version can be expand to 8.1 version?
This mobile don't even have 7..its having A6..
Posted by Danish Ansari at flipkart.com