LG G7 Plus ThinQ User Faqs

what about battery performance how much it will long last in a single full charge for a moderate user ????
4.5 hours SOT
Posted by avinash giri at flipkart.com
Does it has slow motion video recording
Yes, HD 240 FPS slow motion recording
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
Does your Platinum colour phone look premium ?
Both colours are premium as hell, i won't say they're as eye catching as the one plus ones, but there's some elegance to these ones. Puts a bold statement about your subtle choices.
Posted by abhiteg jammu at flipkart.com
Does this hand set support VIDEO calling?
Yes, it support Video Calling
Posted by OmniTechRetail at flipkart.com
Oneplus 6 vs lg g7 + thinq who is the best
lg g7+ thinq is better than one plus 6 in 39000 price. lg included more features than oneplus 6.
Posted by Vinay Kumar at flipkart.com
Description it was mentiones as dedicated memory slot. but in unboxing youtube videos it is showing as hybrid. please clear the confusion
yes it has hybrid slot only. I only realized the error in description after unboxing my phone.
Posted by Shubhankar Paul at flipkart.com
does this supports dual volte out of the box? How is the battery life? ?
dual volte is fine and battery life is ok
Posted by Mudassir khan at flipkart.com
Does it support individual App locking using fingerprint etc... ?
Posted by Ajit Yeolekar at flipkart.com
How much time it will take to full charge?
It takes only 1Hr. 35 min due to fast charging technology
Posted by OmniTechRetail at flipkart.com
is there any heating problem in this phone
No.. absolutely not.
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com