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LG Q6 User Reviews

Utterly Disappointed 1.0 stars
Lacking issue
Posted by GUNJAN KUMAR on 31-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Terrific 5.0 stars
Flipkart is always good in packing
Good product
Posted by P C Anand Kumar on 31-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Awesome 5.0 stars
Very nice mobile...looking beautiful and feel good mobile
Posted by Raghavendra Kapil on 30-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Very Good 4.0 stars
First of all I would like to congratulate the LG team for presenting an 18:9 aspect ratio screened smartphone at this price range, that is, below 14000/- Rs. I ordered this phone on 17 th and it reached by 22nd Dec, 2017.
I would like to highlight the main aspects of LG Q6 which is made in India. While unboxing I got a earphone, charger, sim ejector and phone. The charger is good and the phone fully charges within 1 hour 15 minutes. Somewhat disappointed with the earphone given by LG...
Posted by BAIJU KRISHNAN on 27-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Problem with speaker , battery 2.0 stars
There is problem with speaker , u wil observe many sudden pauses (words wil be missing) during conversation..battery discharging so early..
Posted by Mahender Voruganti on 27-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Decent product 3.0 stars
Product and feture are good but only issue is heating one side and second battery backup is not good.only 1 day battery backup.
Posted by Ganesh Aivale on 26-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Best in the market! 5.0 stars
Best fullvision display phone for the price.. No lags in the games.. heating is minimim which is acceptable. Network reception is very strong.
Fully worth the revised price.
Posted by Raviraj on 26-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Did not meet expectations 1.0 stars
Posted by Lukman Qureshi on 23-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Must buy! 5.0 stars
Nice phone
Posted by akash kumar tushiyer on 23-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Waste of money! 1.0 stars
Product is good but delivery time so much taken by flipkart that is not affordable by clients
Posted by Rohit Saroha on 23-12-2018 at flipkart.com