LG V30 Plus User Faqs

Does it support 4k video recording ?
Yes it has 4k recording with 30fps Also has slow motion recording with 1280*720 with whopping 240fps
Posted by Avidbuyer at amazon.in
Does this include the B&O head set
It has lg branded earphones
Posted by manideep reddy at amazon.in
Does it have sd card slot?
yes, its hybrid slot, two sims or one sim and sd card
Posted by khalid at amazon.in
Does it have a headphone jack ?
Yes with is backed by quad dac as per the technical specs
Posted by Priyaranjan at amazon.in
Can I use it abroad with a different sim or its carrier locked?
yes you can use it, its not a network lock device.
Posted by khalid at amazon.in
Does it provide b&o earphone
No it provide LG Standard headset with the phone
Posted by Manish at amazon.in
Do we get B & O earphones in the box?
Yes, but they are rebranded by LG. Earphones box has BnO written in it, but earphones have LG branding.
Posted by Bhavandeep Singh at amazon.in
Is it dual sim
Posted by Avidbuyer at amazon.in
Can we take photos with blur background?
Yes...but the subject has to be close to the phone. Also there is no portrait mode if that's what you're trying to ask.
Posted by Vikram Reddy at amazon.in
Is it Dual sim?
yes, it is dual sim (4g)
Posted by Anam at amazon.in