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LG V30 Plus User Reviews

Not worth at 45k the earlier price should be 22-23 k 2.0 stars
Pre booked it out of excitement, looks like the entire stock was rejected stock or discarded stock from a foreign country launched in India, when you are taking more money for your same products in India as compared to other countries supply better products , I made one exchange received another one that too has a camera fault , but now I am fed up to follow up with them and waste my time, first piece had a long pixel line stretching from top to bottom in the centre of the screen, second replacement has a blurred picture quality in camera,
Posted by Jay on 12-11-2018 at amazon.in
A very underrated phone. 4.0 stars
Lg has a very underrated reputation in india as for their smartphones. This phone goes unappreciated & overlooked by many.
My observations after using it for about 4 months now:
1-Beautiful POLED display.
2-Headphone jack (yes i use it daily)
3-Quad dacfeature (you need a good earphone to appreciate it).
4'-Snappy performance.(snapdragon 835)
5-Wide angle lens is a bliss i don't mind not having bokeh effect.
6-The manual camera mode(if you start using it you will chose it over auto mode)
7-128gb storage 109 user accessible +sd card slot (hybrid), say whaaaaaat!
8-1440p (2k display ).
9-phone's design looks similar to s8,s9 but man that thing is slick & yes i hate notches.
10-ip68 certification =water & dust resistance
1-selfie cam, just 5megapixels and its okish but they could have done better.
2-battery-drains faster @2k resolution but if u switch to 1080p difference it lasts more.
3-the custom skin on top of android feels cumbersome.
4-No stereo speaker setting.
5-no good tempered glass available.
6-back of the screen very much prone to fingerprint and smudges.

In summary its a very good price to perfomancw ratio. And with cashback and other deals you can get it a very great value.
Posted by Himco on 11-11-2018 at amazon.in
Great phone with some small problems 3.0 stars
A great phone with some minor problems.

1 Looks stunning.
2 Great sound quality from headphone jack, but speaker is ok.
3 Call quality is great.
4 Battery life is very good for the capacity of battery, last a full day without any problem.
5 Camera is good and one of my favourite wide angle setup, image quality is good but i am not a fan of LG's image processing. Almost everything looks overshapened. And also i hate the amount of lens flares i get with this phone. In the video depatmemt it is awesome. Just so many options, you can shoot log videos and also you get manual controls for video. Only drawback is you can expect occasional pixalation in videos.

Now the reasone why i reduced 2 stars:
1 Thing i hate is the software. There is one basic control missing is camera shutter sound, you can not disable it. There are so many bugs and app crashes a lot. The phone freezes sometimes and you cant help but you need to restart and so many times it just freezes and restart on its own.
2 this can be specific to my handset, when it is charging, it keeps disconnecting and connecting all the time, and it gives a beep sound all the time, and the screen keeps waking up, its so annoying. I took it to service centre and they just replaced the charger but it didn't solve it either.
Posted by Rajesh on 11-11-2018 at amazon.in
Excellent 5.0 stars
Great smartphone even for 2018
Pubg runs smooth on high graphics..
Display is outstanding so the feature rich UI as u can customize everything
Wide angle camera is lot of fun

Only 2 cons...
1 loud speaker but no bass in it( it has a quad DAC to back it up btw)
2 selfie camera is mediocre
Posted by Smk on 11-11-2018 at amazon.in
Awesome phn average display 5.0 stars
Awesome phn with average AMOLED display with blue shifting
Posted by Sam on 10-11-2018 at amazon.in
An Elegent underrated beast. 5.0 stars
Very unfortunate to see this phone not getting enough lime light. LG has done a beautiful work on this phone. A pure diffusion of style, rigidity and performance. It has it all.
A quality of Brand you can feel it experience it sense it. LG was always good at making great phone I know this brand from they were giving Relience GSM phones. I still remember a phone called chocolate, the specialty of the phone was when put in jeans butt pocket it just sandwiches that you don't even feel the phone in pocket, that great is the Brand.
I suggest you should go for this phone and latest one v40 if you have budget rather than any Brands.
Posted by arislankareem on 09-11-2018 at amazon.in
Primium quality. 5.0 stars
Battery needs full battery charge.once it is chrged fully,i can give a normal usage life of 2 days.display is really nice and rich in all.sound quality is good.headphones are of good quality make.i am satisfied with my purchase
Posted by Kartheek on 09-11-2018 at amazon.in
Top notch! 5.0 stars
This phone is just awesome. Sound quality and picture quality are beyond words. I jus love this buddy. LG shud concentrate more in marketing. Thanks LG for this buddy ????
Posted by Prabhu N. on 09-11-2018 at amazon.in
Whose scam is it anyway??? 1.0 stars
LG V30+ is an OK phone but here our Mr. AMAZON is a junk DEALER. Not sure how deep they are on this scam.
Anyways want to give 0 star but amazon thinks 1 is new 0. Can
Posted by LG V30+ the smart omelette maker on 05-11-2018 at amazon.in
Camera could be better 4.0 stars
Writing review after two months of using.

Beautiful design.
Display is brilliant. I love the colours it can produce and to just hold and view the panel, without any reason :)
Performance is top notch. Never struggled.
Sound output is amazing. DAC rocks.
Software is good. No junks. But can be a lot better.
Battery is reasonably good. Charges in just over 1 hr. For heavy usage, a day is good.
Picks up signal strength way better than OnePlus 2 I used.

Biggest disappointment is camera. Front facing is not that good. In good day light the rear cam is as good as any; especially for videos. Camera struggles in low light or my expectation is a bit high.
Posted by Sandeep on 05-11-2018 at amazon.in