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LG W10 User Reviews

Very good 5.0 stars
Like product
Posted by Bhuvnesh kumar on 10-08-2019 at amazon.in
Not worth of its value 3.0 stars
Screen resolution and camera quality not up to the mark. Inbuilt apps are also lacking in usefulness and function. Not worth of its value.
Posted by Pinaki Bhattacharya on 09-08-2019 at amazon.in
Not all sensors they mentioned as available in LG W10 phone 1.0 stars
I was particular about compass and barometer. The product description said the phone (LG W10) had it. So, I went ahead and bought it. But the sensors are missing. Both LG and Amazon gave wrong description. I tried downloading compass apps, but they all complained that the magneto meter/sensor is missing from the phone and compass cannot work without it.
Posted by Subrahmanyam on 08-08-2019 at amazon.in
Took wrong decision of buying this phone 1.0 stars
Not value for money better to buy Mi in same rate with good features
Posted by neelkamal170 on 07-08-2019 at amazon.in
Ok 5.0 stars
Posted by YOGESH KUMAR on 06-08-2019 at amazon.in
Worthy one 4.0 stars
No words to describe.....it's awesome..
Posted by MAHESHKOUSICK on 01-08-2019 at amazon.in
Bad phone 1.0 stars
Bad voice quality, wifi connection problemSuggest everyone not buy this product
Posted by Amit Thakur on 01-08-2019 at amazon.in
Good phone 3.0 stars
Good phone
Posted by SHARIF ALI KHAN on 01-08-2019 at amazon.in
Good 5.0 stars
Posted by SOURAV BISAI on 01-08-2019 at amazon.in
Perfect phone for all user 5.0 stars
Posted by Mithilesh Gupta on 31-07-2019 at amazon.in