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Just okay 3.0 stars
It is a very avg phone. At this price segment you can get lenovo or Panasonic with better features. Touch is not sensitive and the ui is just OK. Look is good and the set is very handy. Camera is third grade and pathetic. It seems to b lesser then VGA even. However it dznt HV over heat issues and hanging problems. But it should not have cost more than 6000.
Posted by Saumya Bhattacharyya on 15-10-2018 at
Worst phone 1.0 stars
Its too overheating and hanging
Posted by sarman Hanjang on 25-09-2018 at
Utterly Disappointed 1.0 stars
Not good
Posted by Lakhan Khanchandani on 23-09-2018 at
Bad quality 2.0 stars
Bad bad and worst don't buy this phone at any cost. I have reset my phone 1 time. After that the phone cannot complete process of restarting.
Posted by Vijaya kiran on 22-09-2018 at
Slightly disappointed 2.0 stars
Mobile does not have strong body. Other vise mobile is good. Mobile gets damaged after just single slip form 3 feet height.
Posted by Navneet Sharma on 22-09-2018 at
Worst mobile 1.0 stars
I experience it as world worst mobile ever. Camera very bad, battery required charging twice a day, too much hangover, heating OMG. TOTAL satisfaction 10%. ? . It is high cost phone and overall perfornamce like a very cheef phone.....
Posted by Arvind Bhadana on 10-09-2018 at
Ringer/speaker is very very low volume 4.0 stars
Ringer volume is extreme low. Not audible in normal outdoor. Only audible in soundproof environment.
Posted by Suleman Khoja on 03-09-2018 at
Just okay 3.0 stars
I used this phone and I noticed some pros and cons of this phone....
1) Excellent design
2) Good battery backup
3) comfortable for use
4) best camera quality (Day as well as Night)
5) 2years brand warranty
1) Quit heating issues when video camera is on using flash
2) Not very good gaming experience but satisfied
Over all good device in midrange but if you r game lover don't buy it and if ur using cellphone for browsing and app lover then you can buy it with best design and came...
Posted by Ankush Laxman Patil on 31-08-2018 at
Terrific 5.0 stars
Posted by novel dsouza on 30-08-2018 at
not worth to pay 2.0 stars placing and receiving is good as a normal phone. 2.sound quality is very low, ring tones are audible mild and not bolder , doesn't sound well, alarm cannot be used . 3.battery doesn't lost long for 1 day, if u get calls of 15 to 25 calls in volte. 4. storage 16 Gb is so low. If u don't use 1 slot of simm , u can use sd mem card. 5. Camera still pics are sharp and good. 6. Overall light weight , glossy finish and smooth , not heavy. If the cost is 5k to 6k. It can be purchased.
Posted by Karthik Siddhun on 21-08-2018 at