Lyf Water 7S User Faqs

does it have finger print sensor
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what battery backup is good
decent for normal use generally last 4-5 hours after browsing
Posted by Ravi Prakash at
does it have heating problem.
Nope,not so much.
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which android version this phone has??
Posted by Salama Saifathullah at
Is This Mobile have 2 SIM 4g
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otg support or not
Otg no support
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this handset otg support or not?
yes it has otg support
Posted by Akash Raghuvanshi at
what its processer mtk or snapdragon and cores
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touch unlock is there or not ????
yes there is a fingerprint sensor
Posted by Pranav Sharma at
what about sound?
Good sound, but at times it varies.
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