Motorola Moto E4 Plus User Faqs

is this 2sim+memory card or 1sim+memory card?
2 sim + separate memory
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which phone is good Redmi 4 or moto e4
go for Moto e4 plus if you want 1)latest Android 7.1.1 nougat 2) exceptional battery life Buy redmi 4 if u want 1) good processor snapdragon 435 Moto e4 plus=4.5 / 5 , redmi 4= 4.25 / 5
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friends 5000 mah battery? Yes or No...
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does it have led notification
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can i know about the heating of phone and does this have both 4g sim slot with volte
yes, if you charge the phone some times heat normally but no problem in heat. yes, moto e4 plus support both 4g sim slot with volte.
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2 sim is it or not
yes right 2 sim
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is this tied with lenovo
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Is it 4g or not ??
It is 4G both sim
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does it is metal body phone
yes, it is a metal body phone with little heating issue while charging. if you use thick case it won't be an issue.
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Can we use 2 sim cards n sd card at the same time.... Also I heard the phone is little heavy
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