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Motorola Moto G52 User Reviews

Worst experience ever! 1.0 stars
WORST CAMERA Unbearable camera in this price range. Rest all ok, but I suggest not to buy. Camera of 5K mobile is better compared to this. I want to return but option isn't available.
Posted by Rahul Hubli on 30-11--0001 at
Slightly disappointed 2.0 stars
Phone vibrates too much when audio is played..highly suggest you not to buy
Posted by Vamshikrishnaraj Samsetty on 30-11--0001 at
Not recommended at all 1.0 stars
Bad sound quality. Too much vibration on back panel due to speaker during call and music. No use of Dolby and stereo with these low grade speakers.
Posted by Gunnam Jagadish on 30-11--0001 at
Terrible product 1.0 stars
The promised date for delivery was 14-May but got the product on 18-May. A delay of one or two day is understandable but this is pathetic. The customer service has degraded in last 2 years.
Posted by Chetan on 30-11--0001 at
Wonderful 4.0 stars
Using this phone as my 2nd device for one week. Screen quality, battery performance, dual speaker are very good. Noticed some minor lag for first 2 days…. Now it’s buttery smooth. The phone comes with Android 12 with April 2022 security patch. Clean UI is the most attractive thing. Flipkart delivery is also noteworthy. The phone has been delivered on the date they have committed.
Posted by Subhadeep Sengupta on 30-11--0001 at