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Motorola Moto Turbo User Reviews

Great product 5.0 stars
Excellent phone great performance &
thanks to flipkart
Posted by aditya on 08-10-2018 at
I hope you find a phone to compare with this beast at ?12600 5.0 stars
Bang for Buck at 12.6k


- Very nice screen
- Android Marshmallow stock version
- Fast Performance
- Good (not great) camera
- Double twist your wrist to launch the camera
- The mother of all batteries (MOAB)
- Trusted Devices: Keep your phone unlocked when it's near a trusted device (headset, fitness band, etc.)
- Moto Voice: The Turbo is always listening for your commands, allowing you to use your phone without touching it
- Moto Assist: The Turbo knows when you are home and allows ...
Posted by Aniket Rodge on 08-10-2018 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
Very good phone .... Excellent rear camera.....with dual flash.......nice battery phone for....13k .......
Posted by BHANU REDDY on 08-10-2018 at
Delightful 4.0 stars
Excellent phone
Posted by Bharat patel on 08-10-2018 at
awesome product 5.0 stars
moto is really good phone got on 12600 is a amzing deal
Posted by kamal on 08-10-2018 at
Pretty good 5.0 stars
The best mobile?...good rear camera but battery life is not satisfied.very good gestures.565 ppi gives awesome clarity.
Posted by Kamal sreenath Reddy on 08-10-2018 at
Its a Beast no Doubt 4.0 stars
Heating Issue While Using.. screen also getting heated.. other than that there no problem
Posted by Rahul CM on 08-10-2018 at
Best in the market! 5.0 stars
V.v good
Posted by Rajat Mittal MITTAL on 08-10-2018 at
Delightful 4.0 stars
Product is very good .battery back up is good but not excellent.Delivery is late by 2 days. For tempered glass and covers visit ali express u 'll find easily and cheap. Takes month time to delivered.
Posted by sandeep ganji on 08-10-2018 at
Must buy! 5.0 stars
Been using this phone for couple of days and I must say this phone is fast and smooth.
It performs every task blazingly fast.
Marshmallow update done.
It's running smooth and fine.
Screen is of superb quality.
You'll be impressed with how good the videos look n play on this screen.
Speaker volume is crystal clear and it is high enough.
Power button and volume keys are a bit softer and doesn't give the feeling that they are durable. Only time will tell.
Battery is more than okay. Who cares wh...
Posted by Sasikant Nair on 08-10-2018 at