Motorola Moto X4 User Faqs

does it has a finger print scanner or face lock?
finger print scanner
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can we make volte video call without any app?
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Which variant looks better blue or black . Please choose one .Which has slight upper hand..
blue. coz every other phone in the market is black so it does give you look apart from the rest. also, use a transparent cover gaurd to flaunt your mobile.
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what is battery backup this phone
almost more than a day.. provided the number of apps. it is smart enough to show you any battery draining app.. you can put that one to sleep for better performance.
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is this voltee supported?
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Is this phone hot during use
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which one is better one plus 5T or Moto 4x
if u want good camera go for one plus 5t ...but if you want water resistance go for moto x4
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does it have speakers at side or bottom panel ? or have they skipped it to mint money like g5,plus.
no it don't.
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I've received the phone with 0% battery, is it normal with Moto phones?
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does moto x4 has face lock
the X4 has face recognition to unlock the phone.
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