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Motorola Moto X4 User Reviews

Highly recommended 5.0 stars
camera is not what we think moto z2 play is far better than X4 but after replacement am happy with the product no heating issue now its perfect
Posted by uzaif khan on 15-10-2018 at
Awesome 5.0 stars
After 5 months of usage,
Camera is awesome, Battery will be good if it's 4000mah, but actual power is 3000mah, gives 7 hrs backup for full usage, 6gb RAM consumes battery power also in stand-by. At if battery is 75%, After I am waking up in morning 6am battery is 65% even location, WiFi/mobile data is off. If WiFi/data is on, it becomes 45%.
Posted by Bala Krishna on 14-10-2018 at
Perfect product! 5.0 stars
I am not a gadget freak changing Mobiles often. my previous phone was Lenovo Vibex2 which was all good for the last 4 years until it died few days before I decided buying X4.

I was in a confusion to buy X4 or Redmi Note 6 pro(6gb) but thanks to my friend who advised not to buy Redmi. Nokia was priced higher with similar specifications. So decided to go with Moto.

The reason opting for Moto is the brand quality.
Reason for MotoX4 is it's amazing features, though Mi gives it for a lot cheap...
Posted by Santhosh Balaji on 08-10-2018 at
Wonderful 5.0 stars
1) Specification- 6GB RAM is just best.
2) Display- super cool display
3) Camera- perfect quality for photos and videos.
though not the quality of DSLR but a good if you moody photographer, who just want to capture the memories on certain time.
4) It bit costlier.
5) a bit slippery but looks super awesome. do use cover.

overall a good smart fone with android 8.0 but a bit costlier. still worth to purchase.
Posted by Hemant Jain on 06-10-2018 at
Wonderful 4.0 stars
nice phone
Posted by Dhiren Chaudhari on 27-09-2018 at
Wonderful 5.0 stars
amazing camera that is capable of capturing stunning motion clicks. I'm using Moto X4 6gb ram variant from March of this year and I have noticed no any issue with the performance, camera or even the battery backup is decent. It has a turbo charger so feel free from the slow charging issues.
Posted by Abhinav Kharb on 20-09-2018 at
Nice 3.0 stars
Nice phone.. premium look, battery draining fast, good cam,
Posted by Syam on 20-09-2018 at
Flikart sells faulty products for greater reduction 2.0 stars
Product performed Excellent for almost 1 month. I bought it in an offer price of Rs.7000/ less. After that the Screen became inactive the phone Freezes (only Power and Volume button works) after couple of restarts it functioned well. But this seems to come frequently from once in week to four times in a day and now my phone is permanently in that stage.

Now I understood why the Flipkart sold it for a huge reduction in the price!
Posted by ark arjun on 19-09-2018 at
Simply awesome 5.0 stars
I got this phone in approximately 14000, build quality is best and wide angel camera is best for landscape photography.
Posted by Abhishek on 06-09-2018 at
Very poor 1.0 stars
worst battery backup
poor service from both Flipkart and Moto engineers
not worth for money please don't buy this product
especially battery backup 60 to 70% of battery will consumpting in 3 to 4 hours with out using mobile
you can't able get suitable accessories (tampered glass and back cases)
please think twice before you choosing
Posted by Ashok kumar Guggilapu on 06-09-2018 at