Motorola Moto Z User Faqs

does it have fingerprint scanner?
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can 4k video play in this device?
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in 39k, mod included or not?
a wooden finish back cover is included as mod.
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Moto z vs moto z play moto z2 play... Which is good......reason
Moto z is a flagship mobile of Lenovo for year 2016. Leaving battery performance Moto z beats the other 2 in each and every aspect. About battery....i can say it is far better than Galaxy s6.
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it is moto z or moto z play
Moto Z
Does this support Google daydream?
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I'm not a techy person, I want a projector support phone so planning to buy this phone..Does projector comes along with the phone or we have to buy separately?
You have to buy a separate projector mod that is priced at around 20k.
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it's vo lte support?
volte is supported
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is it 2 sim +1 mmry card or 1sim + memory card ??
it's hybrid sim , 1.1sim with memory or 2.Dual sim
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is it wirelss charger
Wireless charging can be done only with compatible wireless charging pad
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