Motorola Moto Z2 Force User Faqs

Doe flipkart still provide moto mod with phone or separately? 12/10/2018. Any recent buyer who has receieved the Turbo Power Mod??
flipkart fooled us all by showing the video that say it is with Turbo Power Mod, I too bought d same with idea of getting Turbo Power Mod. But got just phone. I will go to consumer forum if not given.
Posted by Ravi Patel at
is it 4G volte support? ?
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Does it record slow motion video?
yes it records slow motion
Posted by Abhishek Chaugule at
Does it have finger lock
Yes, It does have a finger lock below the screen.
Posted by Nishchay Chawla at
How do you justify a 5mp camera at this price point?
Awesome results and good picture quality because MOTO never compromise quality.
Posted by MAYANK GAMIT at
which of accesories are including with mobile ??.
HeadSet, C-cable, Headset Jack only.... Moto Mod not included
rear camera supports boke feature??
Yes. It has bokeh or well known as Portrait Mode which blurs the background behinf the focused subject.
Posted by Skand Sharma at
the mobile support screen mirroring
nowadays cast screen is kinda more popular than screen mirroring and this device support cast screen feature
Posted by Chandrakant Thakur at
screen brightness said to be very low. not visible in sunlight comfortably. samsung very bright. is this true?
no not like dat screen quality is good as Samsung even better than s8
Posted by Prabhjot Singh at
Will i get the battery mod free with the mobile at a time?
No, it comes separately . Within 30 days after the placement of order one can see the notification in My Reward section.
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