Motorola One Action User Faqs

how can blur option be disabled while taking selfies in portrait mode?
It can be reduced! However can not be disabled as that's the main feature of portrait mode.
Posted by Navneet Rana on 01-01-1970 at
Do we have heating while playing pubg or some other high end or low end games.
it does actually.
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 01-01-1970 at
can we use it underwater
yeah.. Fins will be automatically popped up.. It will start swimming in the water for 30 minutes.. You have to activate mermaid mode before drowning into water...
Posted by Divyajiban Sahoo on 01-01-1970 at
dual volte yes or no
Absolutely Yes
Posted by Mohit Malik on 01-01-1970 at