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Motorola One Action User Reviews

Perfect product! 5.0 stars
Back cam is beautiful with amble stabilization. display out put is best. Sad factor is the battery, they can add a little bit fuel. Design is best, overall best phone for the future wide display.
Posted by BIMITH Bose on 30-11--0001 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
Looking good in color variant.
Posted by Hiren Kumar Gevariya on 30-11--0001 at
Wonderful 5.0 stars
value for money...performance was very good.. Great camera with quick capture... really I love this product... build quality was ultimate...nice display, am fully satisfied on this device
Posted by Mallu V on 30-11--0001 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
This is seriously amazing Phone .Camera is really very good and image quality is damn good.Phone is very handy and have great feel when u hold it .Charging is fast don't worry about that.White color is very impressive ?
Posted by Ankit Shaan on 30-11--0001 at
Wonderful 4.0 stars
I booked the phone for my friend. Based on his experience the ratings are:Phone rating out of 10Display : 8Performance:7Design:8Battery:5Software:9Camera:8( no wide angle in photo)Heating issue (while I playing YouTube in full brightness).
Posted by SHYAM M on 30-11--0001 at
Brilliant 5.0 stars
nyc product ?
Posted by Sanskruti Takale on 30-11--0001 at
Wonderful 5.0 stars
It's camera is awesome than I expectedsome images without any kind of edits This mobile need to be cost of 17 thousand..
Posted by Chiru Sheelvanth on 30-11--0001 at
Worth every penny 5.0 stars
it's an amazing phone. just wish battery could have been more.
Posted by Amrit Kumar Deb on 30-11--0001 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
Love you Moto..♥️♥️❤️❤️?
Posted by Shon Pearson on 30-11--0001 at
Best in the market! 5.0 stars
good phone by moto with Samsung processor... camera, battery backup, screen resolution all is good...
Posted by kedar kunte on 30-11--0001 at