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Nokia 2660 Flip User Reviews

Nostalgic Purchase 5.0 stars
Oh thats pretty nostalgic. I was lucky enough to buy it in a reasonable price. Now I feel wonder about the price. Anyways, I'm enjoying it.
Posted by Rahul Krishnan. R. S. on 08-10-2022 at
Super 5.0 stars
Posted by Reenamuthu S. on 08-10-2022 at
Hardware good.. Software bad 2.0 stars
I was lucky enough to get this less than the original price for my mother. Selling for almost double now here. Other than the flip feature.. I wouldnt recommend anyone buying this for the elderly. The calls are not received the first time. The same caller has to call again to actually hear him. Contacts search has been changed from the simple search to contains/in-between. Searching for "m" will first show Aman, amma instead of Manoj as used to be in older Nokia phones. Some of the onscreen buttons are also confusing as well. The secondary display doesn't show the contact pic if set. Also the contact image editor crops everything to a rectangle instead of square.
Posted by J J on 08-10-2022 at
Good 2.0 stars
 Good product and good quality is very nice ????☺️ and good quality this was the same to you and your family
Posted by Lakshman Chauhan on 08-10-2022 at
It’s unnecessarily big 3.0 stars
It’s very big.. non handy… bit uncomfortable… if we have to feel hassles in carrying then why not carry smartphones.
Posted by Mr. Innocent on 06-10-2022 at
Retro looks 5.0 stars
I bought it for the retro looks !! Only problem is there is no WhatsApp app is there!
Posted by Pritam Roy on 06-10-2022 at
Very nice product of Nokia after a long time.Stylish and value of money. 5.0 stars
Play Video  Very nice product
Posted by Amit kumar Singh on 04-10-2022 at
Not worth for the price beyond 3k 3.0 stars
Bought it for 4.9k in a local store as I thought of going digital detox mode for a while and on top of it, wanted to opt for a flip phone (I have used a Motorola flipphone during college days and felt good) and this nokia 2660 has a vintage look that I have been waiting to buy... After usage, realised that the build quality is not well (not sturdy - we can notice the plastic built up may not be strong unlike the old ones) and lacking that whole flip phone feeling but not bad though. Considering if we wont configure internet settings, it does what it is intended for - a distortion free phone only for calls/sms. It can be bought without regrets if the price is around 2.5k to 3k max - My opinion.
Posted by PraDeep on 02-10-2022 at
Nostalgic one !! 5.0 stars
I would say its recommended for who is nostalgic about flip phones. The price is too high for its features. But people who likes to go back to old good days they will love it .
Posted by AMAL MATHEW on 29-09-2022 at
Its too much big size looks like senior citizen phone 1.0 stars
Actually i like folding set , money doesn’t matter bt unfortunately i got this phone Looks full bad , its Large size keypad , nt good .. its only perfect for senior citizens peoples, i wl say pls dnt buy otherwise u wl b return again … Thank you ????
Posted by Rajesh kumar☘ on 25-09-2022 at