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Simply Superb and Beast 5.0 stars
First I will tell, don't compare this phone price wise with Chinese phone like MI, Oppo, Vivo, even Motorola (which is owned by Chinese Lenovo). Once you will take the phone in your hand you will just realize the super build quality by HMD Global. The snapdragon 710 SoC is totally lag free. It never heats up. And more importantly the Zeiss Lens' picture quality. Just awesome. What a night snap it takes. One plus 6T will become shameful. The depth of picture is also awesome. One important point for back camera is that it has one main 13 mpx camera with 12 mpx depth sensor. Thus the picture quality comes almost noise free even in lowlights. Sound quality during phone call and speakers is also very loud and clear.
One thing, as this is pure android, who loves to use OS like MIUI or OxygenOS, they might fumble due to lack of few utility features of those customized OS.
Posted by Sanjay Ghosh on 01-03-2019 at
Not a fast charging mobile. 3.0 stars
Good rear camera, but front camera pictures are over focussed. Too much white. And specs says 18W fast charger. It takes around 3 hrs to charge fully. No fast charging. Display quality also not up to the mark. Earlier used MOTO Z PLAY with AMOLED display which was far better than the NOKIA FHD IPS LCD display. Really disappointed on the charging point of view. Not worth for that money.
Posted by A V on 27-02-2019 at
3rd class mobile 1.0 stars
Please do not buy this mobile there is no calculater app and other tools like recording app , hangs every time every app gets hang when you use , headphone not working in single shot need to put again and again, camera quality is good but again it gets hang, sound also gets hang, alarm sometimes works and it gets rang when it put off also disgusting mobile I ever seen, also when you get call also it's rang continuously after receiving or rejected. Please do not buy at all.

Well I'll hope the new update will get solve let's see or I'll return it to Nokia

Again plz do not buy
Posted by Prathamesh on 23-02-2019 at
Satisfied with Nokia again 5.0 stars
After long time I thought of buying Nokia again. And after using this phone for one month I can say happy with Nokia again. Few Pros and cons.
Pros - Nice camera, superb screen clarity, good battery backup with single sim, sound quality perfect. Works pretty well with Android Auto. You get pure android experience.
Cons - weight wise it's bulky, back camera is out for which you need good case. There is no case provided by Nokia. If you are using two Sims battery backup will get reduced by about 20 percent. Initially Some times I faced issue while clicking photo upside down, I am not sure the problem was with my tempered glass or not because after replacing that TP glass no issues so far.
Overall it's a nice buy, I exchanged my 7 months old 6 GB Redmi note 5 pro got good deal from Amazon.
Posted by Hem Chander on 22-02-2019 at
Premium Build Quality 4.0 stars
I like Nokia's build quality and the premium feel while you unboxing it. Lag free, Smooth software experience with stock android, Bluish Font style across settings UI which is equal to Google's pixel. You wouldn't find Bluish skin in any other android one devices. I'm not a gamer still I couldn't find any heating issues by normal/heavy usage(browsing web, streaming videos) other than when you charging your phone. Battery performance is very good with normal usage roughly you get about 40-48 hrs with heavy usage, 24 hrs. Fast charging is even very helpful to be frank I have been using mi 20,000mah power bank from my initial days I purchased, it works really great. Roughly you get charged 90 mints. Camera is not the best among players but still gives you very decent photos with optimum light when you click it, If you can live with Gcam still you get more options like night sight and others, So you get pretty decent photos edited through Snapseed. Audio quality is also good but not the best. Adaptive brightness not accurately calibrated in initial days later it learns your desired brightness level and adapted to that. Monthly security patches assured but you will be receiving at EOM.

I hate earpiece audio level in outside especially crowded places, Public transport as it is very poor to hear other persons voice audibility. Front camera is having over sharpness issues. With low-light/indoor environment, chances are snaps getting blurred when you zoom in. Nokia's in built battery killing apps kills idle apps in recently opened. RAM management is not good as it reloads the recently opened apps.
Posted by Narayanan on 21-02-2019 at
DIsappointing 3.0 stars
The build and look and feel of the phone is excellent. glass back, iron color looks great. However, The oneplus 6T camera is far superior and faster. However, the phone I received had a pathetic speaker with the voice all distorted even at low volume. My friend has a Nokia 6.1 plus and the speaker on that phone is awesome. But the phone I received had a pathetic speaker hence returning the phone. Very disappointed with Nokia since I trusted the brand to provide premium quality phone but oneplus I felt is far better, so returning this and ordering oneplus. Really baffled with Nokia! not purchasing it again.
Posted by Sanya Bakshi on 21-02-2019 at
Go for it only if you don't like poco and your budget is strictly within 30k 3.0 stars
It is a very decent device. Display is above average. Speakers are average.Android one is not upto the mark a custom ROM would have done wonders.stock camera is also decent. Google camera works fine but the camera2Api that is enabled has only support upto full and not level3 so night sight lags a lot ,even front camera produces a lot of noise in gcam due to this; it's very annoying. Stock camera for front is not highly recommendable. Also being android one there is no full fledged system wide dark theme that's also annoying. For almost everything you need to download third party apps,even for unzipping rar files. Most annoying part is the big notch that is present but of no use like no IR sensor for face detection or any secondary front facing camera. Build quality is good but camera bump is a great concern so always use a case or else device will wobble.All in all its good device but not at all justify its price.
Posted by Abhishek on 18-02-2019 at
Nokia 8.1 not worth for ₹27000 4.0 stars
I bought mobile for ₹21500 with exchange offer.
Nearly 20 days have passed from the purchase.
I was just shocked looking at the major lagging issue happened 3 times where in finger print sensor stop working, camera got stuck in betweem, during this time also I got a call but couldn't recieve due to lag on screen so there was no option but to shutdown by pressing power button as restart option failed to work on screen. This was not at all excepted as processor is 710SOC.
Another thing is immense heating during charging which was mention no where in any reviews online while using app, games camera is fine.
Back glass developed scratch now, paint peeling off from side, ear piece really poor quality and low sounding, speakers are average.
Only best thing is screen, camera , picture and vedio quality just unbeatable.
To conclude not worth for 27k at all. Poor thing is
Companies take India for granted compromise on mobile quality.
Posted by Abhijit Shetgaonkar on 17-02-2019 at
Go for it 5.0 stars
So I have been using this product for two months now and here's my take.

1. Rear camera is just great. Picture quality is just so real (better than one plus 6t - which my friend has). Its what you want in a click - clearity.
2. Battery - I get a day's battery with all the multitask and heavy lifting. And I am the type who uses his phone for everything - calls,emails,texts,games,netflix,etc
3. Performance - with 710 SoC, performance was bound to be phenomenal. I haven't experienced yet any lag or hang. It just runs so smooth
4. Durability - I had two accidental drops while standing (and I am a 6ft tall guy). One on asphalt road and another on marbel. The screen (without any screen protector) just absorbed the drop without any scratches or crack. But it's always recommended to go with a case and screen protector.

1. Front Camera - I will not say it's bad, It's just not that good also like a pixel's front camera. But far better than most of the cameras out there. There is sometimes high saturation, distortion. It's a hit and miss game with front camera.
2. OS - One reason why I bought this is because of stock android (Android One programme). I got on time security patches for dec as well as jan'19. But it's just buggy with one-two apps (specially with PRIME music app - music abruptly stops and starts playing when screen is locked). The notification slider is either on the far right or far left in landscape mode.

Said that, this phone is just awsome and I am very hapoy with my purchase. Go for it guys and now we have 6GB/128GB version also.
Posted by Aneesh Singla on 16-02-2019 at
nokia 8.1, just amazing 5.0 stars
Nokia 8.1 6gb ram and 128gb storage. Bought it few days back from amazon. And phone is amazing. Glossy back cover. Fast response. Fingerprint sensor is fast. Sound quality is good. Type c charger. A bit unhappy with the battery. And it comes with a earphone that most companies have discontinued. Overall my experience is amazing. The one problem i am facing with this phone is its battery. It lasts only one day. Paying 30K for a phone with such small battery life is a bit frowning.
Posted by divy on 16-02-2019 at