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Nokia 8.1 User Reviews

Great Phone. Great build and features. 5.0 stars
Build quality is very premium. Glass back looks stunning, and the camera is the best! 'Pure Display' is also something you would love if you like to watch series/movies on phone. The battery is 'adaptive' so I won't comment on that, as I have seen improvements in the 2 days of usage - not sure if it is actually adapting to my usage :D
You also get OIS and 4K video recording and playback. It is better choice than One Plus 6T as it is Android One - so no bloatware and forced apps! Also, Snapdragon 710 works like a charm, even for the most intensive apps. RAM management is the best, even when it was not necessary for a 6GB variant.
Earphones included in the box are amazing too, great sound quality.
Just go for it!
Posted by Amazon Customer on 14-02-2019 at
Wowwwww 5.0 stars
I have purchased 6gb variant, and guys believe me it's awesome after using 6 days,
display is awesome, speed of the mobile great, battery is little disappointment, stock android is awesome, camera is up to the marks. its also slippery in your hand so better to buy back cover.
i think 30k is little more but nokia you can give, and its also made in india phones no any items in this phone is chines.
Posted by Rajeev kumar on 14-02-2019 at
Awesome phone 5.0 stars
For a 30k phone... its very nice. Phones are going obsolete and this is close to perfect for a time like this. I would have liked the notch to be a bit smaller since it is unnecessarily taking up space but it is ignorable. The phone is free of bloat wear and the android experience is clean and simple in my experience. I'm hoping for a bit more simpler setting menu though...just so my old age mum can figure things out easily.
The phone has many flagship features - OIS, NFC, 4k rec. Not water resistance though, Which would have been a useful feature, from a practicality standpoint. However, its alright, just to make calls with it, surf the inter-web, take pictures and play some games, its good enough. This brings me to the point that the LCD screed looks amazing to me with my untrained eyes to know the difference between 4k and full HD. OLED i can see a bit of a difference when i put it next to my Oneplus6 but the nokia 8.1 is great none the less.
Posted by D on 10-02-2019 at
Quality justifies the cost! Period. 5.0 stars
As awesome as the most one can get. Good touch. Looks like a premium phone. And good thing about Nokia phones is "low SAR value". You may not feel it instantly, but you will get affected definitely if you continue to use Chinese smartphones. Camera quality is great. Both front and rear, especially in live Bokeh mode. 6 GB is just perfect for this phone. Battery back-up is also good, as I'm watching Netflix, Prime, AltBalaji, SonyLiv, and Hotstar and also listening songs on Amazon Music, through AptX audio processor enabled device - Sennheiser 4.5BTNC, continuously for more than 12 hrs. Voice is crisp, and its headsets are also fine. It's little on bulkier side, but that's okay for me.
Posted by Vishwesh on 09-02-2019 at
Not happy with product and amazon return nonsense 3.0 stars
I like brand called Nokia, but when I unboxediam not satisfied in cam, audio and interface. Few reviews are not authentic to belive rather I purchased. But for return and refund amazon executive behaved in silly manner and one team lead understand my issue and given me the refund... Mind you amazon you should stick to return and refund policies as per description. Customer care executives should not talk nonsense.
Posted by V MADHU KUMAR on 07-02-2019 at
Nokia needs to upgrade the quality 2.0 stars
Good processor. Camera qaulity OK bit dark images and not too good. Battery capacity worst. And phone gets heated on Skype and video calls. Consumes more battery too. An average phone in general. Chinese company phone are equal to this phone. Nokia as brand sounds good from earlier but honestly market gives this quality in general. So Nokia has to come up with good features. As per the prices of 27000 phone doesn't worth. Vivo and Oppo are better than this. Hope to see Nokia with better version and with good price target
Posted by Dhimant Limbachiya on 29-01-2019 at
All hail Nokia 4.0 stars
A great phone for a ok price. I meant ok because it's priced little too much compared to the Chinese market where we could go for the 6+128 for even less amount. The shouldn't have given it the 8.1 moniker to the device as this is not exactly a successor of the flagship nokia 8.
Few first impressions.
Camera quality is great. Picture's turned out to be well in all sort of lighting conditions.
Cellular call quality is also great.
Battery backup is fine. I do have to stress it to find the max.
Build is superb, but you've to use a case otherwise it's catastrophic fail. Glass it's something we've to be careful around.
Will give a more detailed update soon.
Posted by LibzOnline on 28-01-2019 at
A clean 10/10 and a oneplus killer 5.0 stars
Writing this review after 1 month of usage. Got delivered on 24th December 2018.

First let me tell you about the pricing and amazon delivery:

I got this phone for around 20K INR. Yes after selling my old phone (moto g4 plus - 3 year old for 4k, and instant discount of 1700 and no cost EMI discount of 1500) . For this price I think i got the best deal for such an amazing phone.

Delivery: Yes, as promised it was a one day delivery with good packaging. Thank you Amazon.

The actual review of the phone:

About me: I work as a software engineer who uses all the basic apps one uses on a day to day basis and also I dont play games on mobile phones. So, I dont know how PUBG runs on this device.

BUILD: Man, its built like a tank. It just screams premium once you hold it in your hand. You can clearly see the difference between a Chinese phone and a Nokia phone. Its clearly visible. Hats off to Nokia in this department. Actually for the first two weeks I could not get a screen guard and phone cover and I used this phone without them and it fell off from my hands twice, but nothing happened. Not even a scratch. But i recommend buying a cover as the phone is slippery. The best part, even the camera is covered with gorilla glass on the back, so your lens wont have any scratches. There is a YouTube video which shows how nothing happens to this phone even when it falls from 10 feet high. So BUILD: 10/10.

BATTERY: When i read the ad which says two day battery life, i was like : this must be a gimmick or marketing strategy. But, i was wrong. The phone indeed gives me a two day battery life with heavy to moderate usage. I keep my mobile data on 24/7 (Airtel 4G). So no complains in this department as well (i dont play games). Screenshot attached of battery usage.

SCREEN: Watching HDR content on this phone is awesome. I watched some Netflix shows on this phone and the contrast levels and blacks were so deep. Auto brightness works as expected. Really a good screen, photos and videos looks great on this device, nothing more to say.

CAMERA: Wow, this phone USP is its camera. Really blown away with the picture quality in all conditions. Bokeh mode is very good, low light conditions is good, and with good lighting conditions is even better. Beats oneplus 6t camera. Check YouTube. Attached a sample pic. Really impressed with the camera.

PERFORMANCE: Coupled with stock android one software and snapdragon 710, no lags whatsoever enough said.

RAM management: Could be improved, i see apps getting refreshed after 20-30 mins of standby. May be owing to 4GB RAM, but guys trust you wont notice any difference or lag. Its good.

SOUND: The single speaker at the bottom is good, but it can be easily muted once you have it blocked with a finger. Well, i use the provided headset or my wireless headset. So, no issues for me here.

And finally, its an absolute beast. I love this product, worth my money, and I really dont care about the notches. I dont get annoyed by it. I like it, it gives you more screen space. This phone has some software bugs (very minor issues), hope it gets fixed in the Jan security update. Android one phones are best!

People who are planning to buy a Oneplus phone : think again, do you need 6GB of RAM? and snap dragon 845 ? This phone has got a better camera and a better build and the RAM and processor are more than enough from a day to day usage point of view, and a better brand of course. So, consider this phone before going for oneplus.

Just go for it, you wont regret.
Posted by T. Nithin Sastry on 27-01-2019 at
Overpriced at 26k 3.0 stars
I was using a Honor 8 pro. Whenever I saw N6.1 plus, I was very interested in having a Nokia. Maybe mostly it was nostalgia.

So when I found there was an exchange offer on N8.1 during the republic day sale, I was excited and did not think twice on buying one.

I have been using for a week now, and somehow my excitement is subdued now. Its not a bad phone of course, but definitely not deserving of a 26k price tag.

Pros : buttery smooth ui, smart looks, no frills stock android, little over one day battery life (moderate user with no games)

Cons : protruding rear lens, almost 4 mm above surface, no frills stock android - I give this is cons as well, since coming from a custom Android user (Honor emui), at times it feels bland; for eg, in Honor the caller ui would change display from 'dialling' to 'ringing' if a call connects and that was helpful to see when to place your phone by uour ear, average camera software though provided with a good lens theoretically, gboard typing could have been better.

Overall, I would say this would have been a good option if the price was below 20k.
Posted by Sutanu Dalui on 26-01-2019 at
Worth every penny. Nokia at its best. 5.0 stars
Best phone in this price range. Battery life is very impressive. Its AI is still learning to adjust the brightness but after a while it remembers the preference and sets it automatically. Camera is a charm. Bokehs comes out superbly. OIS is a big addition from Nokia 7 plus. Not to mention, phone is a beast but glass back makes it vulnerable to damages if you drop the phone. So have to have a back cover all the time.
Phone has some bugs like alarm not stopping, system UI lags sometimes, some app crashes. But all these are usually fixed in the updates.
I bought it in 3rd week of December and still waiting for Jan 19 update.
Posted by Shrikant M. on 24-01-2019 at