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Nokia 8.1 User Reviews

NOKIA's comeback is impressive!! 5.0 stars
I have been using this phone since three weeks now. Phone is beautifully designed to make it a premium smart phone. I am not a gamer so can't really comment about the performance under heavy usage. For a moderate user, phone does everything you expect and never slows down. Battery lasts for a day during normal usage. Android one and Nokia complement each other. Just a small disappointment about screen, it slipped once and got more than ten scratches, so not sure what gorilla or whatever screen really does. I never used phone with screen guard, but now I have to. So a screen guard is must. Though, I believe screens of all the smartphones is sensitive and behaves same way so can't really blame Nokia for this.

Feel the difference and power!
Posted by Jägermeister on 23-01-2019 at
There are serious quality issues. 1.0 stars
Absolutely shocking response from both Amazon and Nokia. Camera is not at all working. Nokia has good product but unfortunately there are issues with quality and not all phones are alike. Some have manufacturing defects. Also note that once you buy the phone you are struck with it- neither Amazon nor Nokia will come to your aid. So I advice utmost caution before buying this device.
Posted by vishal Pratap singh on 21-01-2019 at
Nice mobile in manageable budget 5.0 stars
I'm totally waiting when this mobile has launched....atlast I booked n I got,this is my review after using 20 days
Superb performance sd 710
Nice battery backup
Good build quality front n back and notch.
Nice screen clarity
Good speakers
No heating issue bcoz I noticed dat after using for a concall more than 30 mts,dint get heat.
Camera is not upto the mark, one pic taking minimum 6 mb to 10 mb space...
About mobile there is no led notification but when u touch d mobile it showing all notifications,when u get a cal it automatically cuts d ringtone wit Ur mob shake, this is superb.
One word to say is for this budget this was the best mobile to purchase.NOKIA building their market slowly.
But sad thing I noticed that they have releasing 6gb version.
Posted by shyam sunder j on 19-01-2019 at
Below Expectation 1.0 stars
Charging Issue:
Inspire of fast charge it takes around 3hrs to charge fully.
Performance Issue:
Hangs a lot! WhatsApp stuck, camera get stuck which is a really bad thing, games stuck. No improvement even after factory reset.
Network Issue:
I was using one plus 5t before & never faced this problem but after using Nokia I’m facing network issue.
Design Flaw:
You can either use 1sim + 1micro SD or 2 sim but not all three.
Posted by VINEET MALHOTRA on 18-01-2019 at
A completely powerpacked smartphone. 5.0 stars
It is solid phone with good looks,decent battery(which chargeup really quick),stunnig cameras,terrific sound quality,vibrant display nd a powerful processor to leave the lag behind. It is slightly overpriced but u will not regret investing money on it bcz its a nokia device nd and lastly it is not a common phone so u will enjoy a little decency of owning it.
Posted by Maneesh Sharma on 18-01-2019 at
Best phone under 30k 5.0 stars
I have used oneplus 6, poco f1, iPhone 7 plus
Believe me this phone is way better than poco in terms of camera, looks is comparable to OnePlus 6
Those who say poco is more powerful, i play pubg everyday on this beast and it runs on max settings without any fram drop . It is much powerful to handle anything u throw at it.

It has best camera in the range even its pictures are better than iPhone X when we use google camera
No camera in this price range come close when it comes to low light photography not even iPhone X

Display is a bliss to watch

I love everything about this phone..

Those who say it is expensive and u have cheaper option poco then let me clear u it is worth every buck u spend extra..

I dont think it has any cons considering the price range

Go get it folks..
Posted by Vikram Ghanghas on 15-01-2019 at
Pathetic phone. 1.0 stars
1st amazon delivered phone with nonworking audio jack. I replaced it with new one but what i found that it is used as its already having 19 wifi names saved.
Also its system not getting updated.
While charging, phone getting extremely hot and i have to remove it with 50% charge.
Very bad experience may be with nokia or amazon.
Posted by Ruchi John on 15-01-2019 at
Not the best, but manageable 3.0 stars
Phone is very handy and smooth. Finger scan is fast, but it gives bad performance in face recognition. Rear camera is superb for taking pictures, and normal video. But when it come for the video is slow-motion, it actually affects the video quality due to its image stabilization. Front camera is dull, 20MP does not make any sense. Also when it comes to performance, at that time as well it lags too much. It cannon handle too many apps in it. My phone got hung for around 15 minutes, then I had to hard-restart it.
Posted by Sagar Sonawane on 15-01-2019 at
Great Camera Fone Under 30000 5.0 stars
Nokia 8.1 is premium Mobile. Why I am saying?
There are many reason .
1. Very Attractive looking , gorgeous display, best durability , sturdy very solid design.
2. Good sound output, good ear fone sound quality
3. Pure Display supports HDR 10 which is very Plus point of this mobile.
3. Good battery back up : If you are havy user it is 1 day or 1.5 day ( normal use)
4 Amazing Ram management and notification which supports to smooth experience.
5 . Good Camera and ultra HD video.
6.No lagg, Smooth performance.

1 Display Screen is not Gorilla glass protection.
2 . Slippery
3. Overpriced , actually 21 k is value for money
4.Sometime does not feels smooth touch . Touch sensor has stressed me.
5. Bar code scanner is not provided in Google photos.
Posted by Amit Kumar Gauraha on 14-01-2019 at
Luxury in hand 5.0 stars
Best phone in this segment..dnt hesitate to buy it in me u wont regret later...the most premium phone in the market..the dual color steals the show..Every camera lover, just close ur eyes and go fr issues in software as well as in hardware...the headset is having pure bass...the battery lasts for upto 1.5 days..Nokia has done his job...i will rate 9/10...
Posted by Subhrajyoti Pattanaik on 14-01-2019 at