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Nokia 8 Sirocco User Reviews

Worth every penny 5.0 stars
First of all, it's Sirocco n then it's Nokia's Sirocco - a cap from a bunch of feathers!
Posted by Aneesh Doharey on 19-05-2018 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
well designed...great features...unconditional love withcamera quality ....
Posted by Piyush Rokade on 19-05-2018 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
Yet again a very solid build from Nokia and Pure Android experience!!!!! Besides the screen is large enough but sits perfectly in your hand due to the minimalistic bezels. Loved it... Reincarnation of the Mobile King :)
Posted by Aditya Dave on 17-05-2018 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
Very nice phone...
Posted by V Rajeev Ranjan on 16-05-2018 at
Really Nice 4.0 stars
since it has a metal frame, so it becomes a little heavier than other available phones with these features. Touch pad is not crisp, you have to tap twice or thrice sometimes.
rest all is perfect. looks, camera, performance,
Posted by Saransh Sharma on 12-05-2018 at
Nokia is back 5.0 stars
Rating :
Design : 5/5
Battery : 4.5/5
Performance : 4.5/5
Display : 5/5
Camera : 3.5/5

Awesome phone!!
1. Great and premium Design - curves at edges are awesome.
2. Good battery life - at end of the day you will have 20- 25% battery left for moderate usage
3. Good Camera but not up to date in the current market. Primary camera is good at day light but average at low light conditions and indoor. No OIS so it's difficult to shoot video without any shake.
4. Awesome performance - zero lag, p...
Posted by Ramya on 10-05-2018 at
The Best Android In The Market 5.0 stars
I pre ordered it and got it a day before it's release date (i.e 29th April), Got the phone in a high quality packaging with a good nokia box. Opened the box and there was the stunning Nokia 8 sirocco expetionally good looking, feeling the premium build while lifting it. Shut on the phone and you see the Android One sign and then the iconic Nokia tune.

Set up was easy and the first thing i did was to open the camera, it was stunning and the shutter speed was good which was as reviewed by som...
Posted by Hitesh Bansal on 09-05-2018 at
Neat 5.0 stars
Beautiful n elegant design
build quality
Battery life
Fast fingerprint sensor
Runs smooth
No heating

Slippery, needs case
Volume and power button difficult to press
No 3.5mm
No Front cam flash

Go for it
Posted by Vijay Amritraj on 07-05-2018 at
Best in the market! 5.0 stars
best look, camera
Posted by Jignesh Savaliya on 06-05-2018 at
Must buy! 5.0 stars
Amazing device. I pre-booked and as the date came close, a few reviews showed up criticising this device. I was nervous and counted my options. Then, "Nokia", the name I sticked with.

When the box arrived, I was totally stumped. It was full of surprises.

An awesome USB Type-C earphone with great bass. Not the usual Nokia earphone. There's no palm rejection, but phone cover is so well built, I didn't find a need for that. Camera is crisp. I haven't compared results with Pixel yet, but I thin...
Posted by Achindra Bhatnagar on 04-05-2018 at